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I spoke to you about The Employee Maximizer a couple of weeks ago. Well, the second step in this process is called The Conative Solution. What if you had a way to find out how your employee worked most naturally? The assessment we use relates to a person’s conative or “instinct” or “doing” nature. It doesn’t change over a lifetime unlike IQ or personality tests.

It helps identify and know how each employee works in their greatest strength. This will help you arrange their tasks and what they are doing. You could also use this assessment to help you manage and work with them in a way that helps them be more productive and have less stress in their job. 

This is the only assessment of its kind in the world. It’s about the way you conatively work and live. If you’re interested in finding out more about this, please reach out to us and schedule a free consultation. We’d love to tell you more about it.

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We have a process called The Survey Solution that we have been using for several years which provides business owners, CEOs and executives the information they need to find out what their employees are really thinking about their company.

This confidential third-party survey lets you know what your employees think about their jobs, their coworkers, your customers, and then about their own future with your company. It’s a really vital piece of information that enables you to manage, lead, and empower your employees to be successful. It can also be helpful in retaining employees and fully engaging them in the work they are doing.

The survey results remain anonymous so that it protects both the employee and the employer and allows for more honest and authentic answers. We’ve been doing this and getting great results for businesses.

The results and summary also help the leadership to guide, direct and to get the best out of their employees and payroll investment. Another benefit is creating a culture of understanding and collaboration among the staff.

If you’d like to see how this works, reach out to us and schedule a zoom call so that we can talk about doing a survey for your company at no charge to you to show you how effective this can be for your business. It will take your business to a whole new level in every way.

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How do you play the “long game” with your employees? In today’s instant gratification world, playing the long game seems counterintuitive. But, we need to think of our employees in the sense of long term employees. We live in a world of zero unemployment these days!

So here’s my question to you:  What’s the long game for your employees? How will they be positively contributing three years from now to your company? Better yet, how will you be positively influencing them three years from now? 

Focusing on the long game brings in a bit of double vision:  Having a successful business today is important, but it has to be coupled with your plans for a successful business three years from now. Your employees have a huge impact on where the success of your business will be in the future. What are you doing on a consistent basis to ensure that your employees are impacting your business in a more productive and effective way? 

Get the first step towards reducing employee turnover and improving your employee engagement now by scheduling a free consultation to learn more about The Employee Maximizer.

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One sunny afternoon, two business owners who had graduated from the same university ran into each other. They had both had the same professors who taught them the ins and outs of running a business. They were both filled with dreams of becoming rich by building a successful company that made a huge difference in the world.

Recently when these two guys ran into each other while on a break at a seminar, they realized they were still very much alike. Both were happily married. Both had young kids. And both, as it turned out, had started a business in the same industry.

BUT there was one difference!

One of these business school grads was working as a solo entrepreneur making a comfortable $100,000 per year; the other guy had built a team of Dream Employees that were fully engaged and all had an “ownership” mentality. He had invested and leveraged all their skills, abilities, hopes, dreams, aspirations, and their creativeness to build a company that had accomplished all his hopes, dreams and aspirations. He was raking in over $1 million a year in net profits.

What made the difference?

The Secret was The Dream Employee Process

If you’re like me, when you hear a story like this you wonder what really did make the difference between these two men?

We all know stories like this, and we all have evidence demonstrating that it isn’t always raw talent, intelligence, perseverance or even dedication that makes a difference. It isn’t that one person has a “burning desire” and the other doesn’t.

The difference lies in this –

  • What each person knows.
  • How they personally make use of their knowledge.
  • The difference is in continuously growing and using their knowledge.

I’d love to help you can grow your knowledge and learn how to have a successful business by leveraging The Dream Employee process. Schedule a free consultation now to learn more about it.

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Helping your employees find their big “why” can also help you communicate your company’s “why”. It’s a conversation that you’ll find fruitful in managing, supporting and leading your team. If they understand their “why”, then you can communicate better what the company’s “why” is, thus connecting the two of those together. When people get clear about their “why”, they gain confidence. They get committed to the task. They have a sense of courage that takes them to a new level of performance.

Finding the “why” of your employees is critically important in order for you to get the most leverage out of their talent and ability as they help you build your company — whether you have 10 or 10,000 employees. You need to help them identify their why and then connect it back to their job or work. This is an ecosystem that can provide you with long-term internally motivated employees by finding their why.

Ask them these questions:

  • Why are they working at your company?
  • Why are they doing the work that they’re doing?
  • What is the purpose of their job?
  • Are they clear about it being a vehicle for them to achieve the things that they want to achieve in their life?

Have you helped them draw the connection between their job and and their big “why”?

This is an area where you have to start asking questions — even in the interview process when you’re on boarding somebody. Why are you here? How do you see this as a fit? How does this fit into your life? How does this fit into the big “why” of your life? And then, support them in what they tell you.

So “why” is a great question. It’s simple but it can dramatically improve your employee engagement with all your employees. 

Everybody’s looking for an edge in business – and one such advantage is finding the “why” of your employees, your team, your managers, and your leadership. When you can do that and connect the “why” for them personally with the “why” for the company, then you’ve got something! That is what we call an unfair advantage in the marketplace because your people are internally motivated with the big “why”. This is the secret sauce of your advantage. 

We look forward to hearing what you’re finding when you’re asking “why” questions. Let us know because we’d love to talk to you about it.

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Have you ever thought about your employee as your “First Customer”?

We’ve talked about this before in another blog, but in case you missed it, I wanted to share again that our philosophy at Confidence Coach when we are helping companies grow is for them to recognize that their greatest untapped resource is their employee — who we refer to as their “First Customer”.

Nobody knows more about your business. Nobody has more interaction with your customers. Nobody has a greater bearing outside of you for your company’s success, than your employees do.

So in order to start thinking about your employees as your First Customer — thus increasing employee participation, engagement and enthusiasm — ask yourself these questions:

1. What do you do for your (paying) customers that you could do for your employees?

Are there any discounts on products or services or is there something you do at events that you could also do for your employees? It could be any number of things and only you can answer that question. Be original! But, you need to start recognizing that your employees are your First Customers. Start thinking of them in this way and create an “experience” for them like you would create for your paying customers.

2. How can you serve or support your employees better?

It’s a simple question, yet if they are your First Customer and they’re so important, you should be thinking about how you can serve and support them in a way that would help them do a better job at work. If they feel supported and know you really care, this will increase their performance and also improve their attitudes at work.

3. What do your employees need from you in leadership?

How is that to be done? What are they looking for? Have you asked them what they need as far as leadership, vision or direction for themselves, for their unit/division of the company? You need to have that conversation. I think you will be surprised at what you hear.

4. What are your employees’ stumbling blocks in their work?

What’s getting in the way of them reaching their full potential to produce, serve and make a happy repeating customer? They should be able to tell you these things and then you need to know how to overcome them.

5. What are three things you will do to improve your First Customer (employee) experience?

Think about three things you will do this month to make your employee experience better. The first thing you’re probably going to say is:  you’re already paying them; we have benefits, vacation, etc. But those things aren’t enough in today’s economy because employment is basically zero. There are a lot of jobs out there and not enough people to fill them. Do something different and think about them as your “First Customer”. What are three things you could do for them that would give them a greater sense of value, appreciation and support in the work that they do for your company?

Helping companies view their employees as their “First Customer” is just one of the processes we use. If this peaks your interest, we also have a process called The Dream Employee. We love working with business owners and their employees. We also love to help employees tap into their greatness to exponentially grow your company! Reach out to us at confidencecoach.org and schedule a free catalytic conversation today to help you with your First Customers.

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There is a subject that’s really a lost art these days — it’s the power of listening. Even though no one seems to be doing it very well, it’s one that I think would really benefit you as a leader, business owner, CEO or executive. I’m not just talking about listening in general, but I mean really listening intently and ferociously!

Focus on Who You are With

I’m going to tell you a little story about listening that I learned when I was younger. The story’s really about my dad. My dad’s greatest gift was his ability to listen intensely to people. Whether that was at work, in a family gathering or with friends. He had this ability to make you feel like you were the only person in the world and that he was totally focused on you all the time. So the result I saw from him doing this through his life was that people had tremendous respect for him. He was a great influence on people’s lives, and people just absolutely loved him. He set a great example.

Don’t be This Person!

We may not all have good examples of people that listen well, but we all have had terrible examples! Maybe it was a situation where you’ve gone to a restaurant or you’re in line at the airport and somebody wasn’t listening to you when you had a need. Maybe you had a problem or question and you knew they weren’t hearing a word you said. It felt as if they were reading from a script or just going through the motions. They weren’t “engaged” in listening to what you were saying. This gives us a terrible feeling. What do we do in those situations? Well, if we can, we usually find somewhere else to do business next time or find someone else to have that conversation or relationship with.

Really Pay Attention

So one of the things I want to talk to you about and challenge you is this idea that when you’re with your people (particularly with your customers or people that are working with customers), pay attention to how intentionally and focused you are. Are you really listening to what the customer or the employee (these are the people I call your “first customer”) is saying when you’re with them? Or, are you on your phone or paying attention to your computer instead? Are you already thinking about the next meeting or are you already distracted by other things? Or are you really focused and present with that person and listening intently?

Practice the Art of Listening

If you really want to transform a relationship with a customer or with one of your employees, go ahead and start practicing listening ferociously, listening intensively and that’s not only making eye contact, but that’s being totally focused on them. That might even be taking notes! When you do this, notice how those relationships change. See what comes out of this change in how you listen. I bet your results will be better than you had ever anticipated because listening has great rewards. Listening is how we lead ourselves to learning new things. When we learn things about our first customers (our employees) and our paying customers, and when we deeply listen to them, we learn things that our competitors don’t know because they’re not listening.

In our world of all the noise, social media and distractions, the few people that practice deep and intense listening have an unfair advantage over everybody else in this world. So today the lesson is, listen intensely, practice it, focus it, get better at it, and then come back to us and share your results. We’d love to hear about how it’s changed your business, your experience and your transformation as a leader.

Make it a great day.

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I want to talk to you about something really simple today. Basically, it is — how are you looking as you walk around your business, as you interact with your employees, your customers, as you’re representing yourself? And what I mean by that is, are you smiling or are you frowning?

We may not think that that’s a big thing, but everybody takes their queue from you as the business owner on whether or not how they react to situations. So my challenge for you today is if you’re not smiling — START SMILING. You can’t expect your people to be happy and to do the work they want to do if you’re going around frowning and being negative with your body language.

Start Smiling.

As you start smiling, be observant and then watch other people smile back at you. When you smile at somebody and you really mean it, it affects the other person, and they’ll want to smile back at you. Smiling changes everything — how we feel and the stress level that we have. It also can lower the anxiety that you may have as you work through your day, as you work through problems and as you are working with your customers and employees.

Today is a very simple tip yet very cutting edge. Show those pearly whites and smile. Share a smile with somebody and watch them smile back. Watch the dynamics of your office, warehouse, or your work environment change by you being somebody that leads with a smile. Leaders set the tone for a whole organization. And you know, we can say we’re going to make a difference with our words or by our work ethic — and these things do work, but the quickest way to change the dynamic is to start smiling.

So today we are issuing you a smile challenge. Let us know your results and how it affects your people when you lead with a smile. Check in with us at www.confidencecoach.org or leave a response on our YouTube channel where we covered this topic. We look forward to seeing your smiling faces out there in the marketplace.

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I’ve got an irresistible offer for you as a leader, business owner, CEO. My offer to you today is give us your biggest obstacle, your biggest challenge or let us know what your biggest thing in your business is that you haven’t been able to figure out. You haven’t been able to get past. You’re stuck in. My challenge to you is to bring that to us and let us spend 90 minutes with you. We will take you through a process to make a breakthrough around that challenge, around that thing that feels like it’s impossible or that there’s no way forward or that you’re stuck in. And we will do it for FREE.

That’s our irresistible offer — 90 minutes of our time and our processes for free to help you solve your biggest obstacle or challenge.

We’d love to coach you through a process to help you get clarity, and then help you create a breakthrough or solution for you to get past whatever is stuck in your business. This could be finances, it could be employees, it could be competition, it could be about what’s happening in your industry, it could be governmental regulations, it could be something happening with you personally that’s going on. It doesn’t really matter. We’re Confidence Coach and we’re 100 percent confident that you can’t bring us an obstacle, barrier or roadblock that we can’t help you create a solution or breakthrough to.

So that’s our big challenge. If you have an obstacle (and if you’re in business we know you have one), we’d like to offer this to you today. Reach out to us on our website at www.confidencecoach.org and schedule a catalytic conversation. We will take you through a process that will lead you to the solution. There’s no charge to you. See what we can do in 90 minutes to get you from where you’re at to where you want to go and get you past whatever’s holding you back.

Now you’ve probably tried everything yourself. You’ve tried everything internally, you’ve talked to other people and maybe it’s been a year, two or even three years, and you still have not been able to figure this out. So today we’re saying to you, here’s our offer — we can help you figure this out! We’re confident in it enough to say we’ll do this for you and prove it to you without any cost to you, other than you investing 90 minutes of your time. We will work through a process that will help you to be honest about what your obstacle is and also be honest about being fully engaged in the process. When you hear our questions and then respond, out of that we will create a breakthrough solution that you’ve never thought of or you didn’t think was possible.

If you know somebody that’s in this situation (or maybe it’s you), send them our way. We’d love to serve them and show the value that we can create in just a short period of time.

Make it a great day.


P.S. Here are 4 ways I’d like to help you improve your business:

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I just wanted to throw something out to you today that we’ve been using as a challenge to our clients, business owners, and leaders that we’re working with. All of them are struggling to get on the same page with their employees. They can’t seem to get everyone in alignment with where they are trying to take the company. And so, I had a crazy idea for one of our clients and I said, “Well, maybe the reason why there’s a disconnect between where you want to go, what they’re doing and them not understanding you, is they don’t know what it’s like to be the owner.”

So I told him, here’s my challenge to you — take some of your people and make them an owner for a day! I challenged him to literally take an employee with him and have them shadow him through an entire day. Show them every process that he worked through, the decisions he had to make, the meetings he attended, and even the fires he had to put out! I challenged him to show the employee all the different hats he had to wear.

Guess what happened after he did this?

He had a huge “aha” moment. He realized that he had not been communicating as well as he thought he had about what he was doing, where the company was going, and what the business was all about. He didn’t realize this until after he had this person by his side all day long! He could tell by the questions that they were asking that there was definitely a disconnect on his part. He had not thoroughly and repeatedly communicated why they were doing what they were doing, how things needed to be done, and the importance of all these things to the employee’s future, as well as the company’s future.

So, my challenge to you is this:  if there is (someone or) something you’re struggling with, bring your employee along and allow them to be “an owner for a day” or maybe “CEO for a day”. Give them a chance to be transformed and have a better understanding by giving them the opportunity of seeing things through your eyes — the eyes of the owner. I think this will also help you realize the importance of clear communication on your part. Your people need to know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and how things really work in the company. This will improve your team and help them be more fully engaged.

I hope you take up the challenge of having an employee be an owner for a day. As you do this, please share your results with us and let us know what you learned through this experience. You can always reach out to us and schedule a catalytic conversation if you need more clarification on this activity. You can also find out more about us at confidencecoach.org and we’d love it if you would subscribe to our YouTube channel.


P.S. Here are 4 ways I’d like to help you improve your business:

  1. FREE BOOK – We would love to send you our book, “The Biggest Disability is a Bad Attitude”. It’s our story of who we are, why we do coaching, the way we do it, and how our strategy and processes work. Just sign up on our website to get your own hard copy now.
  2. FREE 60 minute coaching session – For one hour we will talk about your business’ future, what’s in the way, what your leverage opportunities are going forward, and how to keep building on your confidence.  Schedule your catalytic conversation here.
  3. FREE The Solution System pdf. My favorite thing to do is to take business owners through The Solution System and watch their thinking create a huge breakthrough for their business. You can download a free copy here.
  4. Work with me One-on-One. If you would like to work directly with me to create a bigger, better future for your business, just reply to this message and put “One-on-One” in the subject line. Tell me a little about your business and what you’d like to work on together, and I’ll get you all the details.


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