I’ve got a couple of questions and then a solution for you today if you are stuck in “overthinking” mode.

What are you overthinking in your business or your life?

What are you procrastinating about?

What are you putting off?

Is there something that you have been hesitating doing?

Here’s my challenge and something I want you to do RIGHT NOW!

Do 20 jumping jacks, 20 pushups, and/or 20 burpees right now.

Then, get up and take action on that thing you’ve been thinking about.

Take action towards it with courage and confidence, and you’ll see it and you’ll feel it in your body.

Your emotion and your mindset will change.

Go ahead and do it quickly right now and then let me know your results! in your business or your life?

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Do you know how to start your meetings with wins so that everyone will want to attend your next meeting (be it virtual or in person) and be excited about it??

In working with clients, one of the things I see is that they’re having a lot of meetings and/or doing a lot of strategizing. They’re meeting with their team all the time.

Those meetings tend to be a real drain, not only for you as the owner or manager, but also for the team.

So, my tip for you today is an idea that can help stimulate and make meetings much more productive so that you can get a greater result out of them.

Here’s the simple tip that you can add to each meeting at the very beginning once everybody is there.

This has nothing to do with your agenda or the project that you’re working on, nor does it have to do with what you want to talk about.

Start your meetings with everybody in the group taking 30 seconds and sharing what they’re most excited about in their life right now.

For example, it could be at work, it could be personal, it could be family related, it could be about a recreation or whatever they’re doing — but give everybody a chance to do this and share.

What you’ll find is that mentally by doing this, their engagement will increase 10x just because now they’re talking and thinking about something that they’re truly engaged in.

There’s energy around this and it will then transfer on into what you’re talking about in your meeting.

They’ll have this positive mindset and be ready for the meeting.

So, this is how you can change meetings from being basically the “death of a business” to something that people look forward to!

Recognize and let people acknowledge the “wins” in their life.

Because if you do this at every meeting, as you go on, people will come with the anticipation of sharing what they just did. Maybe someone will say, “Oh, I want to share with everyone that I just finished my first half marathon” or, “I just did this…” and they will say what they are excited about.

This is how to change meetings, from being something people dread and think it a wasted time killer, to being a productive, exciting and great experience

If you found this idea helpful, please share it with somebody that’s a fellow business owner. I’d love to hear back from you if you have any comments about this as well. To learn more about this or other ways to have a great meeting, schedule a free consultation or you can also subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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Finding a better path is all about thinking. Our mind does not control us; we control our mind.

Many people don’t realize that they are actually in control of the supercomputer in their head. They let their mind take them wherever it wants to go rather than consciously thinking and making choices. And for most people, myself included, if we don’t consciously choose to do positive things — to be all that we are supposed to be — our mind will lead us to making bad choices instead. Our mind will say, “I’m not going to get up and go to work today. I don’t feel like it. I’m going to call in sick.”

Changing your life’s path can seem like a huge, unattainable goal, but it starts with a very simple task — a tool that I give to my clients to help them change their choices and the way they think.

The task is easy.

First, every morning, say to yourself,

“What are the three achievements I’m going to go after today?”

Not a million achievements; just three things that are going to change your own world in the biggest way you can with your God-given ability.

Then at the end of the day, before you go to sleep:

Take inventory of the day’s EXPERIENCES:

  • What are you grateful for this day?
  • What PEOPLE are you grateful for today?
  • What were you able to CONTRIBUTE to the world today?

You have the FREEDOM to make a choice to do and to think and to live and to be a person who is going to make a great impact on the world today and every day.

Be that world changer who will make a difference in the world, and then show your gratitude to those around you.

In my book The Biggest Disability is a Bad Attitude, I share more about the habit of gratitude.


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