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You may recall that I have written in the past about the “Business of Marriage,” and how running a business and maintaining a healthy marriage use many of the same skills. Investing in relationships is essential and something we do not only with our clients but in own marriage as well.

Recently, my wife, Orlena and I had the opportunity to be on a Leverage podcast in regards to our marriage and dating relationship (yes, I did say “dating”). As some of you already know, we work together in our coaching business and we have been “dating” for 40 years! Actually, we’ve been married 37 years but I like to say we’ve been dating for 40 because that’s how long we have been a couple. We love working together, just being together and are best friends.

I wanted to share with you the podcast interview. It’ll help you get to know us a little bit better on a more personal level. It talks about our Thursday date nights. Yes, we still date each other and we highly recommend it. Check it out for yourself:

–Scott & Orlena


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Here’s a thought for you: Business and marriage aren’t really all that different. There’s one common success principle in both scenarios: The more we think about serving others, the more successful our business and marriage becomes. The Bible says the greatest among you will be the one who serves the most people, which makes me think of today’s fastest growing companies: places like Airbnb, Facebook, Google, and Uber. They find ways to serve millions of people, in often the most basic ways, and that service is getting them results. I think of the best long-term marriages I know, and they all have one thing in common: They’re thinking about serving their spouse every day, for a lifetime.

Service and success are married — and service is the key to the results that you want.

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A few weeks ago, we posted about the business of marriage how running a business and maintaining a healthy marriage uses many of the same skills. But what I’m discouraged to see are business owners and CEO’s who have devoted, loyal customers — customers who’ve been around for twenty-plus years — who are struggling in their own personal marriage. The ingredients are the same on both sides, but something isn’t quite clicking in their personal life.

To have a great relationship, like having a great business, takes time and money. What did it take to become successful? Time, intention, commitment, focus, and sacrifice. Right? You had to think long-term.

These are all the same things that makes a successful marriage.

So why not start to use these same strategies with your spouse? Today, my challenge to you is to really think about your marriage the way you think about your business. Think about your marriage first. Invest in your partner. Commit yourself to them. Treat them like you do your best customers. Here’s a big one: Over-deliver. Do what you say you’re gonna do, and then do a little bit more. You do it for your clients — why not your spouse?

What do you think? Have you seen your marriage this way? Send us an email today if you have some insight — we’ve got a lot coming on this topic, and we want to hear from you!

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