After thirty-six years of marriage, after experiencing every kind of failure and success that a business could produce, after coaching business owners of all kinds, my wife and I have had a revelation. There’s a reason that most business owners are either hugely successful in their business but struggling in their marriage, or doing great in their marriage while their business is barely surviving. Those two things should not be mutually exclusive.

So today, we wanted to take a minute and talk about how to build a successful business and a successful marriage at the same time. Because there’s a direct correlation. As we talk about this, we can talk about how we treat our wife, and how we treat a customer. How we decide to make an investment in our business, and in our relationship with our spouse. We all know how important it is to love and respect our spouse; we also know how important it is to deliver 110% to our customers above and beyond what’s expected. What’s more, how we treat our employees should not be too different from the way we treat our children. Being a business owner with employees is being a father or a mother. And, obviously, having literal children is a full time job and commitment through all it’s ups and downs.

So what if we started looking at both of these parts of our life and began by asking ourselves the question: What can I learn from my marriage and my family that can serve my business? And what can I learn from my business that can serve my wife, my husband, my children?

My wife and I know and believe and experience that we can have both. We know that. Let’s talk about it. Click here to learn more about our business coaching!

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