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Scott Ballard

Through his experience in his own business and life, Scott had the impact of finding a Coach that guided his company from the brink of disaster to an amazing comeback, and from uncertainty, to the most amazing transformation that he could have hoped for. As a result of his lifetime of learning, he now gets to guide people through the process of achieving their goals and dreams for themselves and their business.
business clarity

On Clarity

Love me or hate me — there’s no money in the middle.

The biggest question for you as a business owner to consider is: What do you stand for?

What do you believe? What are your priorities for your life and your business? How do you make decisions? How do you connect with your customers and your employees? Are those connection points getting you the results, time, and money that you want? Not everybody’s gonna love you or what you do with your business. But that’s okay! Because your product or service isn’t for the whole world — it’s for those people who will get the greatest value from it. And that’s the beauty of clarity when you can answer these questions — you know what you’re doing, what you’re about, and who you’re for. If you want help answering those questions, reach out to us. This type of training is what we do best.

Love me or hate me — there’s no money in the middle.

customer service

Let’s Talk About Customers

What is your customer’s biggest problem? Have you asked them? Have you asked them, and asked WHY that’s a problem? Have you sat down and listened? Have you earned the right for them to be honest with you? Can you take the truth? Or is it like that famous movie line: “You can’t handle the truth!” What are you gonna do about it?

You want an unfair advantage in your business? Start asking your customers what their biggest problems are, and start creating solutions for them. Let’s work together on what that might look like.

Then, watch your business take off.


Is It Payday Tomorrow?

As you get ready for payday, ask yourself a question: Has every minute that you’ve invested and purchased through your payroll gotten the maximum return of profit to your business in the last two weeks? Are you uncertain about the answer?

Well, if you’re like most business owners, this is just an uneasy gut feeling. You know you didn’t get the maximum return you paid for, but you’re not sure why. So what are you going to do differently the next time around? How can you look at your company and start to get a greater return? What choices and decisions have to be made? What do your people need to know? What’s possible if you answered those questions?

This is the key to your bigger future. It’s a payroll investment for the greatest return in your business. It starts every two weeks. Do something about it today. Interested in a free 3-Step program for exactly that? Sign up today.

team building

“We” Wins

Here’s a basic thought: The team always beats the individual. Are you operating within your business as an individual? Or are you part of the team with your employees, vendors, and customers?

Not sure? Ask yourself these questions: Do you find yourself procrastinating on things you need to do in your work? Do you find yourself spending more and more time at your business? Do you find yourself becoming more and more frustrated with your employees, customers, or vendors? Would you define yourself as a rugged, self-made business owner? CEO? Entrepreneur?

Never forget the lesson that we learned in sports: throughout history, the team always beats the rugged individual. The Gaelic term for this is “We wins,” referencing the power of the tribe — it’s never about the individual. My challenge to you today is to think about being part of the We. All long term success in your business and your life is about the team. Always. We wins. It’s something us Americans are terrible at. We’re winning at our coaching business because we’re doing this together; we have fifteen teammates and we love our work with all of them. It’s the highest form of entrepreneurship: collaboration, working together on the common goal to serve and create value for the customer and clients.

“I” lose, but “we” wins. If you want to talk more about how to unite your team, schedule a free management coaching session with me today.

dream big

What Are Your Limiting Beliefs?

You’re a business owner, you’re an entrepreneur, you’re a CEO, you’re a leader of some kind — you’re successful. You’ve done things that other people haven’t been able to accomplish.

Now: what’s stopping you from everything else?

You and I both know that there’s so much more you can accomplish. Those tapes that are playing in your head — self doubt and limiting belief, backed up by fear and fatigue — are quite simply the only thing holding you back from all that you can accomplish and become. Change the tapes, and change your future. If you want some support in that process, schedule your free coaching session with me today.

Management exercise

Stopwatch Management

Here’s the challenge for this week: First, buy a stopwatch. Bring it to work. Turn the stopwatch on, and complete your first task. Check the watch — how long did that take you? Write it down. Then ask yourself: Is there a more efficient, faster, better way to do that task?

This is all about capturing the investment of time.

Next, give yourself a task that normally takes you fifteen minutes. Set the stopwatch for only ten, and see what happens. My bet is you can complete the task in ten minutes. This is stopwatch management. Now just think with me for a minute: What if you did that with all fifty of your employees? What if, Monday morning, you gave each one of them a stopwatch and told them to keep time all day on the different tasks? And then asked them one simple question: Could this task be done more efficiently? You’re not monitoring their exact answers, mind you — this isn’t micromanagement. You’re giving them a challenge. Challenge them the next day, the next week, the next month, to check their times. How much time can they save? Five minutes? Ten? Even if it’s only sixty seconds, the point is you’re creating a way of thinking about time, which is your greatest asset. Time has the biggest return on your investment that you’ll ever find. Go buy a stopwatch today. And contact us if you’re interested in our free, 3-step plan to getting more time from your business.

business exercise

Someday Never Comes

I’m going to ask you to do something really strange (but hey, if you’re a Portland business owner like me, you’re used to weird, right?). First: Get out a tape measure. Take the tape measure, set it on the floor, and mark that very first notch as the day you were born. The next dash, mark as graduation. The one after that, the day you started your business. Then the inevitable question becomes this: How long is that tape measure? How long do you think you’re going to live? Have you thought about what’s outside of that tape measure — what is your legacy going to be? Or have you forgotten why you’re doing this business? Maybe you’re just drifting, inch by inch, year by year along your life and in your business. If you’re looking for the mark on the tape measure that says “Someday,” it’s not there. This isn’t a dress rehearsal. Your life is represented in this tape measure. It has a beginning, it has a messy middle, and it has an end. You ready to face the truth? Someday NEVER comes! Never. If you haven’t talked to somebody about this, reach out and schedule a free coaching session with us today.


Commitment Has To Come First

So, you’re in your business, and you’re feeling stuck. You’re not sure what it is, you’re not sure why, but something’s plateaued. You can’t seem to move forward with growth and strategy. What’s going on here? Well, without having to crawl into your mind, I’m pretty sure I know: You haven’t fully committed to moving forward. You haven’t burned the bridges — you’ve left the back door open — you keep thinking that maybe, maybe there’s a way out.

But if you recall all the success you’ve had in your business in the past, wasn’t the first step your 100% commitment to going forward? When you commit that way, your mind creates the courage and the capability to overcome fear and have that win. This is what we work with every day with our clients, coaching them through their business, and asking these types of questions so that they can get the results that they set out to achieve from the beginning. Schedule your free session with me today.

business coaching

Customers or Competitors?

As a business owner, who are we focusing on: Customers, or competitors? I had a really interesting conversation with a client on this topic, and what I discovered was that they’d been making all their decisions — investment, strategy, everything — based on their competitors. They were constantly trying to do what their competitors were doing. During their efforts, they’ve watched their business go completely flat, and it seems apparent why. They’ve been so focused on their competition that they forgot about the desires and needs of their customers.

My question for you today is this: Which one are you focused on? Competitors or customers? If you look around you at the many great successes in the business world, you’ll notice they all share one thing in common: their focus is strictly on the customer. They’re focused on the customer’s needs, and how they plan to meet those needs. In doing that, they ensure their own success — not only today, but tomorrow and for the long term.

Customers or competitors: You have to make a choice! Where you expend your focus will be the making or the breaking of your business. Schedule a free coaching session with me today, and we’ll get to the bottom of it together.  

Business transition coaching

Chasing What Doesn’t Change

In the world of business, everything seems to be changing all the time. Tech, innovation, marketing, production — everything’s getting faster and faster, and every business of every size is trying to beat the competition to the next change. Everyone wants to be ahead of everybody. And sure, that’s an important piece of the puzzle — but it seems to be the only piece most people are pursuing. It’s the only question people are asking! But if you want to develop real business leadership, well then, I have a bigger question, for you today:

What ISN’T going to change?

In the next five, ten, twenty-five years from now, what are your customers and clients still going to want or need? What problem will they want solved? We know from human history that there are some needs which have been the same for thousands of years; they’re not changing anytime soon. Is that built in to your business today? Can you identify that thing people will still need down the road? As much as things change in the world, there’s plenty that isn’t changing anytime soon. Are you building on that? Are you thinking on that as you move forward?

The Chinese proverb tells us that “A man who chases two rabbits catches neither.” What is not going to change in your world of business and what you’re doing?

Not sure? Let’s talk about it. Schedule a free coaching session with me today.


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