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Scott Ballard

Through his experience in his own business and life, Scott had the impact of finding a Coach that guided his company from the brink of disaster to an amazing comeback, and from uncertainty, to the most amazing transformation that he could have hoped for. As a result of his lifetime of learning, he now gets to guide people through the process of achieving their goals and dreams for themselves and their business.
business coaching

Customers or Competitors?

As a business owner, who are we focusing on: Customers, or competitors? I had a really interesting conversation with a client on this topic, and what I discovered was that they’d been making all their decisions — investment, strategy, everything — based on their competitors. They were constantly trying to do what their competitors were doing. During their efforts, they’ve watched their business go completely flat, and it seems apparent why. They’ve been so focused on their competition that they forgot about the desires and needs of their customers.

My question for you today is this: Which one are you focused on? Competitors or customers? If you look around you at the many great successes in the business world, you’ll notice they all share one thing in common: their focus is strictly on the customer. They’re focused on the customer’s needs, and how they plan to meet those needs. In doing that, they ensure their own success — not only today, but tomorrow and for the long term.

Customers or competitors: You have to make a choice! Where you expend your focus will be the making or the breaking of your business. Schedule a free coaching session with me today, and we’ll get to the bottom of it together.  

Business transition coaching

Chasing What Doesn’t Change

In the world of business, everything seems to be changing all the time. Tech, innovation, marketing, production — everything’s getting faster and faster, and every business of every size is trying to beat the competition to the next change. Everyone wants to be ahead of everybody. And sure, that’s an important piece of the puzzle — but it seems to be the only piece most people are pursuing. It’s the only question people are asking! But if you want to develop real business leadership, well then, I have a bigger question, for you today:

What ISN’T going to change?

In the next five, ten, twenty-five years from now, what are your customers and clients still going to want or need? What problem will they want solved? We know from human history that there are some needs which have been the same for thousands of years; they’re not changing anytime soon. Is that built in to your business today? Can you identify that thing people will still need down the road? As much as things change in the world, there’s plenty that isn’t changing anytime soon. Are you building on that? Are you thinking on that as you move forward?

The Chinese proverb tells us that “A man who chases two rabbits catches neither.” What is not going to change in your world of business and what you’re doing?

Not sure? Let’s talk about it. Schedule a free coaching session with me today.

executive coaching, marriage

When Executives Struggle With Marriage

A few weeks ago, we posted about the business of marriage how running a business and maintaining a healthy marriage uses many of the same skills. But what I’m discouraged to see are business owners and CEO’s who have devoted, loyal customers — customers who’ve been around for twenty-plus years — who are struggling in their own personal marriage. The ingredients are the same on both sides, but something isn’t quite clicking in their personal life.

To have a great relationship, like having a great business, takes time and money. What did it take to become successful? Time, intention, commitment, focus, and sacrifice. Right? You had to think long-term.

These are all the same things that makes a successful marriage.

So why not start to use these same strategies with your spouse? Today, my challenge to you is to really think about your marriage the way you think about your business. Think about your marriage first. Invest in your partner. Commit yourself to them. Treat them like you do your best customers. Here’s a big one: Over-deliver. Do what you say you’re gonna do, and then do a little bit more. You do it for your clients — why not your spouse?

What do you think? Have you seen your marriage this way? Send us an email today if you have some insight — we’ve got a lot coming on this topic, and we want to hear from you!

employee engagement

The Work of Your Employees

So you have employees. Congratulations!

Now, let me ask you a serious question: Do you know the most profit-making task those employees could be doing in your business today? Do you know how much time they’re actually spending on that profit-making task? Do you have a system in order to track whether or not they’re doing profit-making work? Do you have a filter to know whether or not the time they’re spending is actually profitable? Are there things that could be eliminated? Are there things that could be delegated? Some tasks are cheaper when outsourced, and your employees will be happier for it. Some can even be automated, and your employees left to more important, engaging work. Some, on the other hand, can (and should) be put off for another quarter or two.

How much would just one hour of your employees saved time be worth to you in a month? In a year? That’s an investment that will compound. In our executive coaching and management program, we help people discover how to save a million dollars in one hour. If this could help you, reach out to us. The solution is only 60 minutes away, and this expert consult is available for free, right now.

Convert your wasted time to profitable time.

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The Compounding Interest of Time

Any good business owner or executive will expect a return on the investments they make for their company. They consistently analyze their ROI so they can make adjustments to their work accordingly. So when was the last time you were actually aware of the return on your own time? When was the last time you held yourself accountable to get a result and return from your time investment on a consistent, ongoing basis? And actually treated it as the most precious asset you’ve been given?

Time is not something you can just go get more of, so what is the most valuable thing you can do with your time today?

Is it to spend time with God? Is it to spend time with your spouse? Is it to serve other people? Is it to make a great contribution in your business? Is it to write a world-changing book?

Or is it Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, half-finished projects, and lunches with your friends where you’re on your phone the whole time? A day that you are never present in any way?

Just sayin’…you’re never gonna get this day back. Think about your time.

And if you want to really maximize your work, schedule some free coaching time with me today.

coaching for time management

Designing Your Perfect Day

Last week we talked about understanding the purpose of each day, and scheduling it accordingly. This week, I have a follow-up coaching question for you: When was the last time you started a day with a written plan, with a result in mind, and you actually executed it by the end of the day? Does that happen a lot for you? Does it happen ever for you?

Why is this important? Because in this day and age, people have access to us. This can be good, of course, but it can also be distracting. If we don’t explicitly design our days, if we don’t protect them for our important work, if we don’t actually manage and budget our time, what happens? We get interrupted.

That’s when our days become hurried, frantic, and without any tangible results by the time we go to bed. Everything is left half-finished; nothing is completed. That’s a recipe for burnout and stress, because we’ll never feel like we’re moving forward. We’ll never feel that sense of accomplishment that can be so satisfying and healthy.

Design your perfect day, every day. And if you need some support, schedule a free life or executive coaching session with me right now.

executive coaching

The Three Days Of Your Life

Your life is made up of three kinds of days. In our coaching practice, we call these days Game Days, Practice days, and Off-Season.

Game days are when we’re doing our biggest work; we’re contributing in big ways, serving our employees, our customers, and our business.

Practice days are the prep days. Those are the days of study, of learning, of rehearsal and anticipation. These are the days that, when done well, contribute to a great game day.

Off-season days involve no business at all; we focus on those things which restore, relax, and rest us. Things that bring life to our soul. These are, in fact, the most critical kinds of days.

To understand which days of your life fall into which of these categories, ask yourself four questions:

What are you doing? Who are you doing it with? Is this activity within my God-given abilities? And what does my life look like while I’m doing it?

Now, using those questions, my challenge to you this week is this:

Take out your calendar, and for the next month designate your days. Which ones are Game days? Practice days? Off-season days? Write them into your schedule and plan accordingly. And let me know how this changes your life.

Not sure how to start? Schedule a free coaching session with me today.


The Business Of Marriage

After thirty-six years of marriage, after experiencing every kind of failure and success that a business could produce, after coaching business owners of all kinds, my wife and I have had a revelation. There’s a reason that most business owners are either hugely successful in their business but struggling in their marriage, or doing great in their marriage while their business is barely surviving. Those two things should not be mutually exclusive.

So today, we wanted to take a minute and talk about how to build a successful business and a successful marriage at the same time. Because there’s a direct correlation. As we talk about this, we can talk about how we treat our wife, and how we treat a customer. How we decide to make an investment in our business, and in our relationship with our spouse. We all know how important it is to love and respect our spouse; we also know how important it is to deliver 110% to our customers above and beyond what’s expected. What’s more, how we treat our employees should not be too different from the way we treat our children. Being a business owner with employees is being a father or a mother. And, obviously, having literal children is a full time job and commitment through all it’s ups and downs.

So what if we started looking at both of these parts of our life and began by asking ourselves the question: What can I learn from my marriage and my family that can serve my business? And what can I learn from my business that can serve my wife, my husband, my children?

My wife and I know and believe and experience that we can have both. We know that. Let’s talk about it. Click here to learn more about our business coaching!


Shifting Your Entrepreneur Mindset

I was coaching a client the other day, a guy who started his company a long, long time ago. Over the last couple of years in his business, he’s hit a real plateau, and I’ve been trying to coach him through it.

“Think back when you started the business,” I said once, “when it was just you. How did you tackle it when you ran into an obstacle in your business? Did you get excited about problems? Or did they drain you?”

His response? “I love problems! The bigger the better! I always knew if I could solve my customers’ problems and make their lives better, then I could have anything and everything I ever wanted.”

That’s a smart business owner. So I told him: “I want you to close your eyes and I want you to go back thirty years. It’s just you. You are the business. And I want you to think of the biggest problem that you have right now in your company, and I want you to think exactly as you would have thought about that thirty years ago.”

And guess what happened? He had a breakthrough in his mindset. “I’ve become complacent!” he said. “I’ve fallen asleep at the wheel. I have to change. I have to start thinking and acting with the mindset of an entrepreneur! And I have to lead my people with the courage and belief that problems are our greatest opportunities.”

As a coach, I couldn’t agree more. Run to the problem, for that is your biggest future in the success of your business.

Where is your mindset today? If you’re looking for a turnaround, click here to schedule a free thirty-minute coaching session.


A Business Owner’s Approach To Money

If you’re like every other small business owner, you’re thinking about the money, the budget, the capital of your business 80% of the time. And that’s a good thing. But what are you really thinking? Are you thinking about it as a tool? Are you thinking how every dollar can be put to work to make three dollars?

Most importantly: Are you actively soliciting the input of your whole team about whether or not that dollar needs to be spent? Could it be spent in a different way? As a small business owner, you might be coaching a small team — and a small team is sometimes the toughest source to hear criticism from. Are you open to that kind of feedback? Because as one person said a long time ago: I only know what I know. And that’s a scary thing.

You have all these brilliant people that you’ve hired. These employees could know, understand, and have insights that could positively impact your bottom line in ways that you’ve never even imagined! You’re already investing in them in the payroll. Why not tap into their brilliance about what they know? And how money could be invested as a return in your business? Your money should be working for you. Your team has ideas for how. Ask them.

And if you really want to take your leadership skills to the next level, download our free book on employee engagement.


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