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Scott Ballard

Through his experience in his own business and life, Scott had the impact of finding a Coach that guided his company from the brink of disaster to an amazing comeback, and from uncertainty, to the most amazing transformation that he could have hoped for. As a result of his lifetime of learning, he now gets to guide people through the process of achieving their goals and dreams for themselves and their business.

What are Your Employees Thinking About 80 Percent of the Time?

I’ve got a question for you that I’d love to hear your response to so please give us your comments. The question today is for all leaders, business owners and managers out there. What do you think your employees are thinking about 80 percent of the time?

As you ponder this question, it may be alarming and it may be frightening! You may or may not want to think about it yourself. But, knowing and being aware of what they’re thinking about is one of the keys to improving engagement.

So this article is meant to be a little piece of knowledge that you’re going to want to know and be aware of. Unless, you’ve done something to help the mindset, the thinking of your team and your employees, you need to realize that 80 percent of the time:  the employee is thinking about something other than their work.

This fact is costing you a lot of time, money and production. You’re missing out on a lot because you’re not having an impact on what your employees are thinking about when they’re at work.

At Confidence Coach one of the things we do is we work with people to help them think about their thinking. We help change mindsets for both the employer and the employee.

I’d love to talk to you about this. Set up a free consultation and let’s discuss what’s going on in your company and how it can be improved. Make it a great day.


How to Take Your Employees From a Paycheck to Purpose

Hey, today I’ve got a little tip for you for your employees. We’ve got a saying at Confidence Coach “taking your employees from paycheck to purpose and creating dream employees”.

So today, as you think about your employees and you think about getting them engaged in what you’re doing, what your mission is, what your goals are for the company and that type of thing, you might want to tap into the idea of finding out what their goals are. What is the purpose for them working at your company?

Maybe you sit down and you just simply ask your key players these simple questions:  

  • Why are you here?
  • What do they see as a future for yourself and, how does that directly connect with the goals that you have going forward?

I think just by asking these questions and starting that conversation, you take people from a paycheck mentality to a purpose mentality. A paycheck mentality is what most of us are dealing with in the work world today with zero unemployment.

You take your employees from just receiving a paycheck to realizing that there’s a purpose for their work — past just what’s happening there at the job 40, 50, 60 hours a week. They realize that there is a purpose not only for their life, their family, their goals, their dreams, but also for the company going forward.

I think you might find this a really collaborative, stimulating conversation. We facilitate these type of conversations all the time. If you’d like us to come in and facilitate a 60 minute conversation around this paycheck to purpose idea using The Dream Employee with Confidence Coach, we’d love to talk to you.



I’ve got a different kind of question for you to ask yourself today as a CEO, business owner, or leader of an organization. When a problem or obstacle comes (maybe it’s an opportunity or maybe your organization seems to be at a standstill or is just plain flat) —- instead of asking the what and how questions such as:

  • What am I going to do about it?
  • How am I going to go about fixing this problem?
  • How am I going to capitalize on this opportunity?

I suggest you ask this question first:  Who?

  • Who can help us with this problem?
  • Who’s an expert in this?
  • Who has the talents, the abilities, the skills to help us capitalize and get around this problem?
  • Who are the people that have knowledge about this?
  • Who are the people that eat these kinds of problems for breakfast?

Then, make a list of those people.

Think outside of the box by asking the “who” question first before you get to the what and the how.

If you do this, I think you’re going to find that you’re going to have huge progress going forward on either opportunities or obstacles that have come into your company.

If you want to talk and go through the process that we have set up, go ahead and go online and schedule a one hour free catalytic conversation and I’ll take you through The Who Solution process. I think you’re going to have great results from seeing what we are seeing from everybody. Make it a great day.


Your Greatest Untapped Resource as a Business Owner

After working with a lot of organizations and companies, I’ve found out that the greatest untapped resource or asset in every business or organization is the employee and the potential of the employee.

It’s important for the employee to understand that there is a connection between the work or job that they’re doing and how they can achieve their own dreams and goals. If they see a connection between their job as a vehicle to achieve their own personal goals and if you can help them connect, support and encourage their goals, then they come to work ready to go — or, as we like to say, they come to work with their batteries fully charged! They see the connection and purpose of their work and how it wins for the company and how it’s also a win for them too.

So, the greatest untapped resource for pretty much every business is the employee. We go into companies and help them to see this and show them what role the company can play in helping their employees achieve their own personal hopes and dreams. This in turn, helps the company be successful going forward.

Please give us your comments if you have any thoughts on this. We’d love to hear from you. If you’d like to talk about how we help people implement this into their business, reach out and schedule a free catalytic conversation at Confidence Coach.


Who is Your FIRST Customer?

Here’s a question or thought for you today:  Who is your FIRST customer? Who’s your most important customer in your company, business, or organization?

We talk about this all the time with The Dream Employee process. Our view or take on this is that your “EMPLOYEE” is your FIRST CUSTOMER.

A couple of reasons for this that you may not have thought about are as follows:

  1. They spend more time in your business or organization than anybody.
  2. They know more about what’s going on there than your paying customers would know.
  3. They are the most important interface with your paying customers that you have.

So, how we treat our employees, how we interact with them, how we value them as our first customers needs to be the same mindset as what we have with our best fee paying customers or fee paying clients.

And so my challenge to you today is to ask you what’s your plan and how are you going to do this?

What’s your process to treat your employee like your “first customer” so that they feel like they really matter, and in turn they transfer that same treatment on to your paying customers?

This is a mind shift for a lot of you because you’re always thinking about the paying customer.

But when you really think about your business, who knows more about it? Who’s more vested in it? Who spends more time there, and who has greatest influence on your paying customers? In most companies it is those people out on the front line – your employees.

So we need to start thinking, acting and treating our employees like they’re our first customer.

At Confidence Coach, our plan for that is something we call “The Dream Employee” process. This is a process where we actually make deposits into the individuals and see a result in their attitude, their productivity and their collaboration at work because we help them pursue some of the goals they personally have.

Sound interesting? Schedule a free catalytic conversation and we can fill you in on it a little bit more.


Why Do Some Employees Stay and Others Don’t?

What makes someone stay with a company or organization for a long time? As we’re doing The Dream Employee process with companies (both public and private), one of the things we’re learning and figuring out is what makes people stay.

We are finding as we interview people and take them through The Dream Employee process, that when we see someone who’s been with an organization 5, 10, 15, 20, even 30 years, and we ask them why they have been there so long, we consistently hear the reason is because they feel acknowledged.

They are acknowledged, first of all, for the work that they’re doing and the contribution they’re making in the business.

And number two, they’re appreciated for what they’ve done — their contribution, the value that they’re bringing to the company or the organization.

So as a leader, manager, CEO, or business owner,i f you can remember those two things — ACKNOWLEDGE and APPRECIATE your employees — it will extend the life of really good employees!!

That’s our thought for today. If you have any comments or thoughts on this, let me know. Make it a great day and we’ll talk to you soon. 


What Truly Engages An Employee?

As we work with business owners and CEOs on the whole idea of employee engagement, some of the questions that come up are:

  • How do you engage employees?

  • What’s fundamentally going on in the employee’s mind?

  • What are they really seeking as far as a relationship as you work with them and they work for you in your business?

There are two things today that I want to point out to you that are important for them. The first is to be “known”. Think about this, how many times do you walk down the hall or go through the warehouse, or maybe you’re out on a job site, and you don’t acknowledge them. You don’t call them by their name and say hi to them or ask them how the project’s going or wherever it may be.

The second thing is to give them a place in this business or relationship, where they have a voice and can be heard, Whether that’s about safety, a project, ideas for the company or just what’s going on in their life.

So those are the big two takeaways today that I want to tell you that we have found and learned as we’re working with hundreds of employees. When we sit down and talk with them, these are two of the biggest needs that they have.

Really simple to do, but you have to be intentional for them to feel that they are known and heard. These two things are critical. If you’d like to talk more on this subject, please reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you. Make it a great day.


The Person With the Most Belief in the Company Has the Most Influence

Something that we’ve been talking to our clients about is an idea that doesn’t really get talked about much — the person with the most belief in the company has the greatest influence.

We often wonder why some people who are Presidents, CEO’s, or business owners are so much more impactful than others. They get greater results, have better teams, leverage their time better, and give their customers transformational experiences. They’re breaking new ground. They’re growing exponentially.

Well, one of the things I’ve drilled it back to is that people that carry belief at a dramatically higher level than everybody else in an industry or company are the ones that are winning! Those are the people that are doing amazing things for their clients, stockholders or teams and are transforming industries. For example, when you look at somebody like Jeff Bezos at Amazon, I think of the picture of him by himself in his office in 1999, and today he’s the richest man in the world. His company is totally transforming the world. He went years and years and years without making a profit. But in all that time he was able to raise money and capital continually because he had more belief than anybody that what he was doing was going to work out and was going to make a huge impact in the world in business, both professionally and personally. You can name a number of other people who have done the same thing – how about Steve Jobs at Apple.

The one common trait that all of these people have is that they are industry transformers. The people that are doing these epic things in the business world have a greater belief in what they’re doing than anybody else. They’re able to pass on or transfer to their team, venture partners, investors, suppliers, audience, customers, that what they believe in is going to be amazing!  That this is an amazing thing, product or service or maybe it’s an experience they are creating. The greatness all stems from the idea of their own personal belief in it.

Beliefs are incredibly powerful. Think about your own personal spiritual or faith life. This is all based on believing in that idea or person. It’s what we stake our lives on.

We don’t think of it in business as “belief” being the thing that is an attribute that a leader of a company needs, but it actually is the game changer! The big separator.

At Confidence Coach we teach people to “think about your thinking”. We talk people through processes on how are they holding the belief for their company and their business. We ask questions such as:  What does that look like to other people in the business? What does that look like to the world? What does that look like to the customer? Then we help them take score of that. For example, where are they in their belief about what they are doing. It all starts with this simple thinking.

You know if you’re not where you want to be in your business right now.

Check your BELIEF!!

If you don’t know how to do that, reach out to us and schedule a free catalytic conversation  and we can talk about where you’re at in the belief spectrum. We can give you some coaching on how you can increase your belief and what the main ingredients are to building that belief.

Whether you need belief in your business or company, your people, your product or service, it’s all related. What does it tangibly mean to hold that belief? We can show you how that is totally possible!! But the first step is to be aware of where your belief is in what you’re doing. This little tidbit can make a tremendous difference in your business.

In the last quarter this has become a huge theme for us with all of our leaders that we’re working with. We just wanted to share with you that the person with the most belief in the company or business is the person that has the greatest influence over the future and results to come for that business.

If you have any questions or want to discuss this more, please reach out to us or check us out what we do at


What Are You Doing With Your Time Today?

Here’s one question for you today as a leader, business owner, entrepreneur or CEO — what are you doing with your time right now that is going to get you the best result for your future? Really think, analyze and ask yourself this question:

Is what I am doing right now going to get me the result that I want a year from now, two years from now, three years from now?

The reason for this question is because we are constantly talking to people about time. Time is the greatest asset in your company and in your personal life.

For all of us, the most precious thing we have is our time.

I’d like you to start thinking about your time as a multiplier; think of it as an investment. If you can do this and ask yourself the daily question about your time, then the next step is to get rid of the things in your daily schedule that you don’t need to do (or what we like to call the “Do Not Do List”). It’s not the “to do” list but it’s the “do not do” list — the things you don’t need to be or shouldn’t be doing. We want you to remove all those things out of your day-to-day schedule. We can teach you how to get these things out of your life, as well as show you how to teach others to do the same. Because by doing this, and consciously asking everyday:  Is what I’m doing with my time right now going to get me the result I want a year from now, two years, etc.? — over time you’re going to narrow down and realize that there are probably only two, three or four things that you do really well that are going to have 80% of the impact on getting the results you want for your best future.

We really challenge you to say – okay, is what I’m doing right now really going to get me the results that I want or is this something I can put aside, decide it doesn’t need to be done, or is it something that can be done by somebody else (either at a later date or maybe outsourced). Because if you use your time as your greatest investment tool and leverage the results, this is one of the greatest predictors of where you’re going to be a year to three years from now. We all have the same amount of time. We all have the same ability to ask this question. Make this choice and ask yourself:  Is what I’m doing right now the thing that needs to be done so that a year from now I can have the results that I want to have from my business or my personal life?

You know time is the greatest investment tool that you have. If you want to talk more about this or if you want to give us your answer to the question of what you’re doing with your time, please let us know. We’d love to start a conversation around time and how it’s tied to results for you personally and in your business a year to three years from now.

Make it a great day.


Does Everyone Have a Dream or Goal for Their Life?

Let me explain why the question “Does everyone have a dream or goal for their life?” is so important — because the answer is definitely “Yes!”

The Dream Employee

We work with companies who hire us to come in and implement a process with their team members called “The Dream Employee.” The Dream Employee is basically the concept of finding out for each one of your team members what their dream, goal or aspiration is for their life. If you can find out what really motivates them and have a conversation with them about how you can support, encourage and help them to achieve their goal, this in turn helps them see the connection between their work or job and the contribution they are making in your business with what they are after. By figuring out what really motivates them internally in their personal life and showing them the connection between their work and their goals, we find that we’re able to transform whole cultures, have greater employee engagement, and improve the feelings and emotions of people. They bring their best self to work.


When you start talking about the one, two or three things that they are most motivated about personally, you’re depositing goodwill into them. In doing so, when they come to work on Monday morning, they come with batteries! Meaning – they come to work ready to go because they understand the connection, they feel your support, and they know that you know what is really important to them in their life. This could be a myriad of different things — maybe it’s putting braces on their daughter’s teeth, it could be getting a second car, a dream vacation to Italy, learning a new language, finishing a college degree, getting their GED, learning woodworking or painting, or maybe running their first half marathon. It could be any number of things — the list of people’s dreams and goals are endless!!

But what we’re saying is, if you invest time systematically into what’s most important to them, then ultimately they’ll start to see the connection between their life and their work. They know you care! So then when you speak about what’s most important to you or what the vision or mission of the company is, they will respond to that in a much more positive and open way.

The other benefit of this is when you do have to have those difficult conversations about their performance or attitude or about something that went wrong or needs correcting, you have made positive deposits into their life by supporting their goal. This helps those difficult conversations go much better and there’s a lot less negative pushback because they know that you really care about what they really care about.

Celebrate the Wins

This also creates a whole culture of amazing momentum. It’s a culture where as people are achieving things personally, we all celebrate (just like when the company wins)! We celebrate them as individuals as they accomplish whatever goals they have; doing so builds unity, collaboration and a winning attitude in your business.

We get great pleasure doing this with companies. If you are interested in learning more about The Dream Employee, reach out to us today. We’d love to talk to you about it. We can also introduce you to other companies that are doing this and having great success. Make it a great day!


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