Rob Hendrickson

I want to thank you so much for working with me these past several months.  Before starting I felt aimless, or in all honesty hostile towards my workday.  Angry at my past and that anger consumed every moment at work.  I didn’t really recognize that and kept on trying different sales ideas to beat the mediocrity.  I have a lot of experience and knowledge and really tried everything I could think of to boost my sales so I would feel better.  Sometimes it would even work but I still didn’t feel any different.  Just angry.  In talking with you I felt you truly understood me as a person, not just a professional.  I had tried working with other professionals in the past with no results, so I was hesitant to start but it was your probing personal questioning and clear care for me as a person that led me to sign up.  After working with you the anger is not entirely gone but I recognize it and handle it constructively.  I am a much more optimistic person and don’t let my past define me, nor my brain fight against myself.