What is the Purpose of Your Life?


Would you like to be able to answer that question?

Well, I think I can help in this blog.  It is so important for you to know and live out your God-given mission.  Without this foundation, you will be tossed about by life and end up at the end asking what was the meaning of my life.

Let’s say you could write a different end to your life story and it ended with a sense of purpose, legacy, contribution to the world.  if you discover and live out your God-given mission you will have a lifetime legacy that gives you an amazing sense of purpose.

First, what are your God-given abilities?  What are the purposes of these abilities?  And what God-given mission do these God-given ability and God-given purpose fit?

For clarity, take out a sheet of paper and write your eulogy.  Think about what you want people to say at your funeral.  Be honest and write it out!

The next step in living out your God-given mission is to be able to say “no” to all things that don’t align with your God-given mission.

Now, let’s have you try and write out your God-given mission statement — simply in one or two sentences, keep refining it by thinking, praying and by being aware of the process and you will know when it is right.  Remember everyone has a God-given mission so stick with it until you have yours.

Why is this so important?

Because this is how people change the world!  This gives us the experience of living fully engaged until your last breath.

Let me end this by sharing my God-given mission statement with you:

My God-give mission is to encourage, believe in and serve 1 million people in my lifetime to be world changers!

The God-Given Ability

I believe in you and your God-given mission!

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