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Who’s going to ask the tough questions nobody else has the courage to ask you?

Is it your CPA?

Is that your lawyer? 

Is it your manager in your business?

Is it one of your vendors?

Is it one of your customers?

Is it your employee who has your 100% interest at heart?

Who can you trust?

That’s me. 

Many people just like you, many business owners just like you, many leaders in business, many CEOs, many dyslexic business owners and entrepreneurs come to us and trust us. 

Check out the testimonies on our website to see what they are saying. 

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Something I’ve discovered over 13 years of coaching business owners, entrepreneurs and CEO’s is that no matter how successful these people are, they are lonely.

In fact, the more successful they are, the lonelier they become.

If you step back and think about it, it makes total sense.

Nobody understands their problems.

Nobody understands the decisions, the choices, or the sacrifices that they make on a daily basis.

Nobody understands the responsibilities that they have for hundreds and thousands of people, their jobs and their livelihoods.

Nobody really listens.

Everybody that comes to them wants something from them.

It’s lonely at the top.

I know that.

I know you and I understand.

I’m here to listen, to learn and ask you the really hard questions.

Remember, you don’t have to be alone. At Confidence Coach we are here to offer business owners a place to reconnect and rebuild their confidence; which leads to their better future in the days and years ahead. Reach out today and schedule a free call if you’d like to talk. We are here to help and encourage you. 

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Did you know that business owners are the loneliest people in the world?

When you ask yourself why it’s because nobody else really understands the choices, decisions, work, sacrifice and effort that you’ve put into your business. Nor do they have the dream or vision that you have.

Sometimes it can feel like you are doing this all by yourself. 

Nobody understands. 

Nobody really cares. 

Nobody really wants to celebrate with you when you have a victory or wants to listen when you’re in the middle of a struggle.

This is where I come into play as your coach!

My job is to be there for you; to listen intently and fiercely to your situation. 

I’m there to hear about your struggles as well as your dreams and goals. 

Then, to turn around and ask you the tough questions that everybody else is afraid to ask.

So my question to you is are you feeling lonely? 

Do you feel isolated? 

This is beyond COVID. 

This is something unique to business owners. 

If you’re feeling lonely and isolated, let’s talk. I’d love to listen and hear where you’re at, and then I’d love to ask you the questions that will take you to the next level.

Reach out today and schedule a free call

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It’s the perfect time to count your blessings and be grateful for your business, your employees and your customers. 

When we are grateful, what we are grateful for grows and expands. It increases and we have more of it.

Make a list of what you are grateful for and share it with us. I bet you will be surprised at all the good things that have come from this pandemic and this difficult season.

It’s a matter of changing your perspective and looking for the things that we have to be thankful for.  

Focus on what you do have, not what you don’t have.

At Confidence Coach we offer business owners a place to reconnect and rebuild their confidence; which leads to their better future in the days and years ahead. Reach out today and schedule a free call if you’d like to talk. We are here to help and encourage you.

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I just wanted to tell you that it’s gonna be okay! Part of my belief in that is a matter of perspective. We may not return to our original normal but we will have a new normal. 

Here are some questions to get you thinking and to check where your perspective is: 

  • Is what you’re thinking about leading you to peace, life and a better future? 
  • Or is your thinking leading you to more doubt, more fear, and more uncertainty?
  • What did you learn during this season that you want to keep doing in your business?
  • What did you learn that you are going to omit or get rid of? 

You need to be aware of what you are thinking, watching and talking about. You get to choose your perspective of how and what you think about.

There’s a story about two salesmen who went to Africa a hundred years ago. When the first one arrived on the continent, he sent back a telegram to the home office. “Coming home on next ship. No one here wears shoes.”

When the second salesman arrived on the continent, he also sent a telegram to his home office. “Send all the inventory you can. No one here wears shoes. Huge market!” 

You and I get to choose what we think about and where we place our focus. 

Choose well! You usually get what you see. It’s all a matter of perspective. 

At Confidence Coach we offer business owners a place to reconnect and rebuild their confidence; which leads to their better future in the days and years ahead. Reach out today and schedule a free call if you’d like to talk. We are here to help and encourage you.

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The Circle of Encouragement is something I have written about in previous blogs, but I wanted to share a special one that you can do right now for your Mom for Mother’s Day. We actually did this with my 87 year old mother last weekend with my siblings. 

Since we are all being encouraged to stay home and use social distancing, many of us have not been able to visit those older family members whom we love the most. If you are not able to be with your mom (or even if you are) this is something you can do with her using the convenience of modern technology and she will be blessed by it. 

My three siblings, my wife and myself all got on a Zoom call with my Mom last Saturday night. We went around one by one (starting with the oldest to youngest) and shared words of encouragement and gratefulness for all the things Mom has done for us over the years and how much she is loved. She was truly overcome with emotion because many of us said things that we had thought over the years but the words had never been said. 

May you have a wonderful Mother’s Day. Share the love!

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Many people define themselves by external circumstances. When these abruptly or unexpectedly change, they don’t know who they are, so they keep trying to be who they used to be. 

From now on, take your cues from the inside — from your dreams, ideals, values, and operating principles.

These need never change, regardless of the circumstances.

Take advantage of external confusion to become self-directed, self-managed, and self-motivated. 

But in all that’s going on, be sure and don’t become so self-absorbed and self-focused that you forget about others. We are all in this together. Reach out and help others whether it be through a phone call, pay for someone’s coffee in the car behind you, grocery shop for the elderly who are shut in and scared, or any number of things. Be the best person you can be by giving to others.

At Confidence Coach we offer business owners a place to reconnect and rebuild their confidence; which leads to their better future in the days and years ahead. Reach out today and schedule a free call if you’d like to talk. Let us help you make progress.

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In uncertain times like these, people are frightened about the viability of their product or service, like the things they sell and the jobs they hold. A more strategic response here is to disregard your own “commodity” and focus on deepening the power and possibility of all your relationships — with family, friends, team members, suppliers, clients, customers, and prospects. Every time you strengthen a relationship, the viability of your product or service will increase. One day we will get back to business as usual. 

As Americans, we are resilient and creative people. We will get through this. We are all having to adapt and change how we would normally do life and work. The important thing is to keep in touch and improve on your relationships at this time. Many people are feeling isolated. A kind word of encouragement or just listening will go a long way in sustaining and building your relationships. People are what really matter. 

At Confidence Coach we offer business owners a place to reconnect and rebuild their confidence; which leads to their better future in the days and years ahead. Reach out today and schedule a call if you’d like to talk. 

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In these challenging times, as we are using social distancing and/or being quarantined in our homes, there are a lot of people feeling very isolated and helpless. Maybe that person who’s feeling this way is you.

My solution for that is I’d like to suggest that you take your eyes off yourself and serve others.

The best strategy is to go in the opposite direction of your isolation. Expand your connection with others and focus on helping them transform their negatives into positives.

Do this by reaching out through a phone call, text message, Facetime or even a zoom call.

When you do this, it’s really a win-win. The person you are reaching out to will feel better and you will feel better too. When we focus on someone else, it helps us worry less about ourselves and our situation.

Be a source of encouragement and confidence for others and it will improve your own mindset.

We are offering complimentary 60-minute coaching calls if you need some encouragement today too.

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Do you want to know the secret to getting that extra effort from your employees? 

How do you get them to go the extra mile and consistently improve their performance? 

Well, the answer might surprise you. It’s really not up to them. 

It’s up to you!

I challenge you to take a walk around your business; really take a look at how your employees are working and what they’re doing. 

Here’s the catch though.

Go around with your focus being these three things:

  • Look for what they’re doing right.
  • Look for what they are doing well.
  • Acknowledge them for the great job they are doing.

For example, tell them that you really appreciated the way they handled a difficult customer situation or maybe the quick way they processed an order; maybe it’s the way that they have kept their work area clean. The possibilities are endless. Look for the good stuff and then let them know that you see what they are doing and how well they are doing it.

Be Positive

It’s important to focus on the positive of what they’re doing right, well and good. 

Now this can be really challenging because for the most part, we tend to focus on the negative. We are looking for what needs to be improved; what the problems are. We want to point out all the things that went wrong; and we’re trying to figure out how to fix them.

But what I’m asking you to do over the next week is to every day get up from your desk and get away from your office.

Acknowledge Them

Get out there where your people are. Acknowledge and look for the things that they’re doing right. Then, verbalize those things to them right then and there. Don’t just think it in your own mind. Actually tell them and acknowledge them. Focus on what they’re doing well, what they’re doing right, and how great a job they are doing.

You’ll be surprised how this changes the dynamic of your team and your employees. Suggest to your managers that they do this too. Create a culture of positivity and encouragement in your organization. Have everybody in your company do this by setting the example.

Looking for the positive is something that we have to train ourselves to do. 

At Confidence Coach we have ideas, processes and thoughts that help you get the greatest return out of your biggest investment (which is your employees — they are your “first” customer). 

If you’d like to talk about coaching or learn about different programs that we have, please schedule a free consultation. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel or to our blog by clicking on these links.

Remember, you have everything you need to be successful in your business with your employees right at your fingertips. All you need to do is take action today.

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