The Dream Employee

Engaging Your Team and Transforming Your Business

In this episode of Transform Your Workplace, we talk with the founder of Confidence Coach, Scott Ballard, about the pressing issue of employee disengagement in today’s workforce. Learn how to partner with and invest in your people while pursuing the vision, dreams, and goals of your business. Listen Now

The Dream Employee will create an energy and commitment in your employees that will take your business to a new level and will replace the stress, the struggle and the distraction that you are currently experiencing with your disengaged employees. We teach you how to have a team of employees that are as passionate about your business as you are and in turn this will deliver the business you’ve always dreamed of.

So, if you’re a business owner, CEO or entrepreneur, but you aren’t getting great work from your employees, or you’re a project manager that isn’t seeing great production, we can help you discover how to have a team that always delivers their best effort, and how you can get consistent, innovative results out of your employees, and why it’s critical that you get increased employee engagement handled right now in your company.

The goal of The Dream Employee is simple: to relieve the suffering of business owners, CEO’s and entrepreneurs that have employees by helping the employees see the connection between their work and achieving their own personal dreams, goals and aspirations. Through this we will help you experience employees that are engaged, motivated and innovative in their work, and also help you eliminate employee turnover in your business.

The more you can activate your employees’ dreams, goals, and aspirations, the greater the opportunity you’ll have to experience productivity, innovation and a great company culture.

Here are some testimonials of what employees and owners have experienced through the program:

  • Rachel (employee) was having a rough time at work and at home. She was not very happy with her personal life which overflowed into her work life. We asked her what really made her happy and brought joy to her life; she thought for a while and then responded “art”. Rachel began working on her art in her spare time — taking classes, learning new mediums of art. She then brought her art work in to show us on our monthly meetings. She started smiling more, getting along better with her co-workers, and getting along better with her family members. As she truly began doing things for herself that made her happy, she had more joy in her life. This was an eye-opening and life changing experience for her both personally and professionally.
  • Doug (director of a public organization) said that by making deposits of caring about the dreams and goals of their employees has created goodwill, a greater working relationship between management and employees, and higher retention.
  • Edith’s (employee) first language was Spanish but she had a goal to learn to read, write and speak English so that she could advance in the company. But she knew that in order for her to move up further in the company, she needed to improve her English. When her company became aware of her goal, they wanted to help her achieve it so they gave her time off one morning a week to attend classes at the community college. Learning to read, write and speak English has grown her confidence so much that she felt good enough about herself to share ideas with the owner that would save their company an incredible amount of money in her department by changing the way they did certain things. The company has implemented her suggestions and saved a significant amount of money.
  • Joseph (owner of a family owned business) says he has been using The Dream Employee as a way to show his 60 employees how much he cares for them beyond their benefits and 401k to what matters most in their life.
  • Stacy (a manager) wanted to have a more peaceful and lighter life by continuing to balance work and personal life. Through The Dream Employee program she is steadily focusing on her health, peace of mind, and wellness – all the things that make her happy. She has a goal to daily incorporate more of these things into her life.
  • Joe (regional manager for a Fortune 500 company) said The Dream Employee has created transparency and teamwork within the organization at a level they had never seen before.
  • In working with one company, we discovered that many of them had a goal of losing weight or eating healthier. This was brought to the attention of the owner and he brought in a weight loss consultant who came in once a week for 8 weeks to explain how to prepare food, eat properly, exercise, etc. This bonded everyone that joined in to do this. They encouraged each other and helped keep each other accountable. As a company, they lost 500 pounds last year! They are healthier and more effective in their work as a result.