Focus on Creating Value

Most people don’t like being sold to at the best of times. So when times are uncertain or scary like now with COVID-19, they are especially turned off or may hang up on you. Some of that is because they are uncertain whether or not they will have a job or business tomorrow or when our economy will turn around. 

But, remember what people want at all times is value creation — that is, solutions that will help them eliminate their dangers, capture their opportunities, and reinforce their strengths. When you focus on providing these three solutions, the sales will naturally follow. 

Remember we are all in this together. We didn’t create the downturn of our economy. An unseen virus has been the cause. 

Take your eyes off yourself and focus it on helping others. Create value for them. We will make it and come back stronger if we work together. 

At Confidence Coach we offer business owners a place to reconnect and rebuild their confidence; which leads to their better future in the days and years ahead. Reach out today and schedule a call if you’d like to talk. 

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