In these challenging times, as we are using social distancing and/or being quarantined in our homes, there are a lot of people feeling very isolated and helpless. Maybe that person who’s feeling this way is you.

My solution for that is I’d like to suggest that you take your eyes off yourself and serve others.

The best strategy is to go in the opposite direction of your isolation. Expand your connection with others and focus on helping them transform their negatives into positives.

Do this by reaching out through a phone call, text message, Facetime or even a zoom call.

When you do this, it’s really a win-win. The person you are reaching out to will feel better and you will feel better too. When we focus on someone else, it helps us worry less about ourselves and our situation.

Be a source of encouragement and confidence for others and it will improve your own mindset.

We are offering complimentary 60-minute coaching calls if you need some encouragement today too.

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