I’ve got an irresistible offer for you as a leader, business owner, CEO. My offer to you today is give us your biggest obstacle, your biggest challenge or let us know what your biggest thing in your business is that you haven’t been able to figure out. You haven’t been able to get past. You’re stuck in. My challenge to you is to bring that to us and let us spend 90 minutes with you. We will take you through a process to make a breakthrough around that challenge, around that thing that feels like it’s impossible or that there’s no way forward or that you’re stuck in. And we will do it for FREE.

That’s our irresistible offer — 90 minutes of our time and our processes for free to help you solve your biggest obstacle or challenge.

We’d love to coach you through a process to help you get clarity, and then help you create a breakthrough or solution for you to get past whatever is stuck in your business. This could be finances, it could be employees, it could be competition, it could be about what’s happening in your industry, it could be governmental regulations, it could be something happening with you personally that’s going on. It doesn’t really matter. We’re Confidence Coach and we’re 100 percent confident that you can’t bring us an obstacle, barrier or roadblock that we can’t help you create a solution or breakthrough to.

So that’s our big challenge. If you have an obstacle (and if you’re in business we know you have one), we’d like to offer this to you today. Reach out to us on our website at www.confidencecoach.org and schedule a catalytic conversation. We will take you through a process that will lead you to the solution. There’s no charge to you. See what we can do in 90 minutes to get you from where you’re at to where you want to go and get you past whatever’s holding you back.

Now you’ve probably tried everything yourself. You’ve tried everything internally, you’ve talked to other people and maybe it’s been a year, two or even three years, and you still have not been able to figure this out. So today we’re saying to you, here’s our offer — we can help you figure this out! We’re confident in it enough to say we’ll do this for you and prove it to you without any cost to you, other than you investing 90 minutes of your time. We will work through a process that will help you to be honest about what your obstacle is and also be honest about being fully engaged in the process. When you hear our questions and then respond, out of that we will create a breakthrough solution that you’ve never thought of or you didn’t think was possible.

If you know somebody that’s in this situation (or maybe it’s you), send them our way. We’d love to serve them and show the value that we can create in just a short period of time.

Make it a great day.


P.S. Here are 4 ways I’d like to help you improve your business:

  1. FREE BOOK – We would love to send you our book, “The Biggest Disability is a Bad Attitude”. It’s our story of who we are, why we do coaching, the way we do it, and how our strategy and processes work. Just sign up on our website to get your own hard copy now.
  2. FREE 60 minute coaching session – For one hour we will talk about your business’ future, what’s in the way, what your leverage opportunities are going forward, and how to keep building on your confidence.  Schedule your catalytic conversation here.
  3. FREE The Solution System pdf. My favorite thing to do is to take business owners through The Solution System and watch their thinking create a huge breakthrough for their business. You can download a free copy here.
  4. Work with me One-on-One. If you would like to work directly with me to create a bigger, better future for your business, just reply to this message and put “One-on-One” in the subject line. Tell me a little about your business and what you’d like to work on together, and I’ll get you all the details.


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