What Truly Engages An Employee?

As we work with business owners and CEOs on the whole idea of employee engagement, some of the questions that come up are:

  • How do you engage employees?

  • What’s fundamentally going on in the employee’s mind?

  • What are they really seeking as far as a relationship as you work with them and they work for you in your business?

There are two things today that I want to point out to you that are important for them. The first is to be “known”. Think about this, how many times do you walk down the hall or go through the warehouse, or maybe you’re out on a job site, and you don’t acknowledge them. You don’t call them by their name and say hi to them or ask them how the project’s going or wherever it may be.

The second thing is to give them a place in this business or relationship, where they have a voice and can be heard, Whether that’s about safety, a project, ideas for the company or just what’s going on in their life.

So those are the big two takeaways today that I want to tell you that we have found and learned as we’re working with hundreds of employees. When we sit down and talk with them, these are two of the biggest needs that they have.

Really simple to do, but you have to be intentional for them to feel that they are known and heard. These two things are critical. If you’d like to talk more on this subject, please reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you. Make it a great day.

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