team building

Here’s a basic thought: The team always beats the individual. Are you operating within your business as an individual? Or are you part of the team with your employees, vendors, and customers?

Not sure? Ask yourself these questions: Do you find yourself procrastinating on things you need to do in your work? Do you find yourself spending more and more time at your business? Do you find yourself becoming more and more frustrated with your employees, customers, or vendors? Would you define yourself as a rugged, self-made business owner? CEO? Entrepreneur?

Never forget the lesson that we learned in sports: throughout history, the team always beats the rugged individual. The Gaelic term for this is “We wins,” referencing the power of the tribe — it’s never about the individual. My challenge to you today is to think about being part of the We. All long term success in your business and your life is about the team. Always. We wins. It’s something us Americans are terrible at. We’re winning at our coaching business because we’re doing this together; we have fifteen teammates and we love our work with all of them. It’s the highest form of entrepreneurship: collaboration, working together on the common goal to serve and create value for the customer and clients.

“I” lose, but “we” wins. If you want to talk more about how to unite your team, schedule a free management coaching session with me today.

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