I want to talk to you about something really simple today. Basically, it is — how are you looking as you walk around your business, as you interact with your employees, your customers, as you’re representing yourself? And what I mean by that is, are you smiling or are you frowning?

We may not think that that’s a big thing, but everybody takes their queue from you as the business owner on whether or not how they react to situations. So my challenge for you today is if you’re not smiling — START SMILING. You can’t expect your people to be happy and to do the work they want to do if you’re going around frowning and being negative with your body language.

Start Smiling.

As you start smiling, be observant and then watch other people smile back at you. When you smile at somebody and you really mean it, it affects the other person, and they’ll want to smile back at you. Smiling changes everything — how we feel and the stress level that we have. It also can lower the anxiety that you may have as you work through your day, as you work through problems and as you are working with your customers and employees.

Today is a very simple tip yet very cutting edge. Show those pearly whites and smile. Share a smile with somebody and watch them smile back. Watch the dynamics of your office, warehouse, or your work environment change by you being somebody that leads with a smile. Leaders set the tone for a whole organization. And you know, we can say we’re going to make a difference with our words or by our work ethic — and these things do work, but the quickest way to change the dynamic is to start smiling.

So today we are issuing you a smile challenge. Let us know your results and how it affects your people when you lead with a smile. Check in with us at www.confidencecoach.org or leave a response on our YouTube channel where we covered this topic. We look forward to seeing your smiling faces out there in the marketplace.

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