Do you own your business, or does your business own you? Are you getting results that you set out to get? Or do you have a really, really hard job?

Without knowing you, I know why you started your business: your dream was to have freedom. To have time and money. But, by doing all that you do, have you created just the opposite for your life?

You own your business. You have your employees. You’ve been in business successfully for a number of years. But are you making your business dependent on you? Or are you growing it to be independent of you?

To move you a step closer to your goal of freedom, I’ll throw out a challenge to you today: Before you do any task in your business, you first have to answer the question, why am I doing this? Can somebody else do this? And what are the 1-2 things in this business that are my genius, that nobody else can do? How can you organize your time to focus on only those things?

Let me know how much time I’ve freed up for you over the next year, five years, even ten years. And if you want to know more, reach out. Sign up for a free coaching session. We’d love to talk to you about it.

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