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Your Four Time Zones

Today I’d like to talk to you about time. Yes, we’ve talked about it before, and we will continue to do so, because time is by far the greatest asset in your business. Today, I want to help you find further clarity for how you think about time and it’s impact on your business, your personal life, and your future. There are four zones of time in your life. What I want to propose to you is to look at your life and categorize them; then, with that newfound clarity, see how much time you’re spending in each one.

Zone 1: Fluff. This is all the time you spend doing things that aren’t helpful: worrying, watching the news, social media, idle chatter, distracting other people — fluff. Things that add no value to your transformation or your future.

Zone 2: Low Value. This is busywork. Errands, shopping, repetitive tasks you do that are necessary, but have small value and low return.

Zone 3: High Value. These are activities that actually make you money. Sales, revenue, high dollar investments.

Zone 4: The Lifetime Value. This time has the greatest value from now until the end of your life. These are things like building relationships, learning new things, developing new services or products, personal spiritual development, physical health — the most valuable use of your time is Zone 4.

My coaching challenge to you today is to get out your calendar from yesterday, or from all of last week or month, maybe — and take an inventory for how much time you spend in each zone. Are you really spending your working time in 3 and 4? Or is it more 1 and 2?

If you’d like a better result out of your time, if you want to spend more time in Zone 3 and 4, reach out today — and we can show you how. It’s amazing the transformation this can make.

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