coaching for time management

Last week we talked about understanding the purpose of each day, and scheduling it accordingly. This week, I have a follow-up coaching question for you: When was the last time you started a day with a written plan, with a result in mind, and you actually executed it by the end of the day? Does that happen a lot for you? Does it happen ever for you?

Why is this important? Because in this day and age, people have access to us. This can be good, of course, but it can also be distracting. If we don’t explicitly design our days, if we don’t protect them for our important work, if we don’t actually manage and budget our time, what happens? We get interrupted.

That’s when our days become hurried, frantic, and without any tangible results by the time we go to bed. Everything is left half-finished; nothing is completed. That’s a recipe for burnout and stress, because we’ll never feel like we’re moving forward. We’ll never feel that sense of accomplishment that can be so satisfying and healthy.

Design your perfect day, every day. And if you need some support, schedule a free life or executive coaching session with me right now.

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