7 Habits of Encouragement

So you want to make a difference in the world?  Well, we have found by being an encourager, you have the power to transform another person’s life.  The best outcome of this blog would be for you to be known as a person of encouragement.

Here are 7 Habits to practice to become a better encourager:


  1. Send people encouraging texts
  2. Tell somebody something good about somebody that you both know
  3. Ask how you can encourage someone everyday
  4. Keep a daily log of your 3 acts of encouragement daily.
  5. Practice daily the habit of suspending your own self interest
  6. Pray for a person everyday that you know needs encouragement
  7. Smile


#Encouragement is the unseen momentum to love people right where they are at so they can take the next step. Why? Because we all need this to stay on the path to be all God intended us to be.

My wife, Orlena, is a lifetime example of being a great encourager. She has consistently through ups and down, trials and progress, always practiced an amazing life giving encouragement.

So let me challenge you to take action right now. Pull out your phone and send an encouragement text, email or call someone and speak words of encouragement into their soul.

The Encouragement Transformation™

Do It!

Tell it!

Share it!

I believe in you and your contribution to the world today.


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