Are you struggling with how to lead during these difficult times?

Does it feel like your ability to lead and move forward in your business is stuck?

Do you want to get unstuck from your leadership trap today?

Below is the way forward to lead in this difficult time (or any time for that matter) and it’s called the Humble Leader.

Here are 13 traits of a humble leader:

    1. You’re influenceable. You’re open to other people’s ideas, thinking and ways of doing things. 
    2. You can be corrected without defending yourself. When was the last time you were corrected?
    3. You’re happy for others when they succeed. The test is especially true when it’s something that you’ve also wanted to succeed at.
    4. There’s no job too small for you to do. When was the last time you did a small job in your business?
    5. You don’t always have to be right about everything. 
    6. You naturally seek advice from others. Do you seek input in your leadership model?
    7. You’re teachable. You never stop learning and you know that learning is the roadway to better leadership and a better tomorrow.
    8. You freely admit your flaws, your mistakes, and your failures on a regular basis and you have the ability to laugh at yourself.
    9. You live to see others succeed. This is your intentional and internal motivation in everything you do. 
    10. You’re not easily offended by people, situations or words. 
    11. You’re thankful, grateful and appreciative, and you have a grateful attitude for your team, your customers, your vendors, and for life. 
    12. You don’t live with a sense of entitlement that somebody or something or someone owes you something because you’re the leader.
    13. You’re content with who you are and you’re content with who you are not, or in other words, you’re good in your own skin

How do you rate on these traits as a humble leader? If you want help to get unstuck as a leader and move forward, reach out and schedule a free consultation today. Let’s talk about it.

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