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Our Solution System will ask questions to help you get clarity about your roadblock, barrier or obstacle and also help you create your own solution.

I want to talk to you about obstacles, roadblocks and barriers — these are things that are in the way of you taking your company from where it’s currently at to the next level. Oftentimes we look at a roadblock or obstacle and we get frozen. We start procrastinating. We don’t want to deal with things.

But today I want to give you a little insight into something that’s really helping our clients get to the next level. We actually want you to focus on and be specific about the obstacles or roadblocks, the barriers, the things that are in the way of you going to the next level in your company and your business. What I mean by that is we actually have a process called The Solution System where we focus on and help you get clarity through our questioning process to identify the barrier or obstacle.

  • What does it look like?
  • What does it feel like?
  • What’s causing it?
  • What are your thoughts about it?
  • What are your limiting beliefs around it?

We have you list out all the answers to those questions. You may ask why is it so important to focus on the obstacle or roadblock? The reason is, by going through our eight step process, we will ask questions that will help you uncover the solution. Your breakthrough solution will come from within all these barriers and obstacles, doubts, fears and limiting beliefs that you have around it.

Believe me – there’s a solution in there!

We take you through a process to uncover and then create your own solution, your own breakthrough. This solution/breakthrough will take your business from where it’s been stuck, where it’s plateaued, to the next level. The thinking behind this is really how your mind works. We help you focus on what the problem is, study it, ask questions about it, dig deep and be honest about what the obstacles are. And then, we dig in with some questions and ask what the solution is that’s hidden in all of that. As we do this, breakthrough after breakthrough happens, mindsets gets changed and “limiting” beliefs become “beliefs now for a bigger future”. The solutions show up right there on the worksheet during the process.

We’ve done this over and over again, and it always surprises people. They’re like, “Wow, I never saw that an hour ago, and now I have these great plans, these steps forward, this breakthrough that I needed to have to take my business to where it needs to go.” So, this is all about you stopping and asking, “Okay, why am I stuck, where am I stuck, and what’s going on there?” And then saying, “Okay, I want to work on that, and I’m not gonna run away from that. I’m not gonna be limited by that. I’ll focus on it.” Out of these tough questions, we’ll find a solution with you.

So, if this sounds interesting to you because perhaps you have a big obstacle or barrier, maybe you’re stuck, or, you’re not stuck but you can’t seem to be able to get to where you want to go — reach out to us at Confidence Coach and set up a free catalytic conversation. We’ll give you the worksheet and the process. We’ll take you through it and teach you how to create your own solutions and have breakthroughs in all areas of your business. We look forward to doing that with you and we’ll talk to you soon.

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