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The Circle of Encouragement is something I have written about in previous blogs, but I wanted to share a special one that you can do right now for your Mom for Mother’s Day. We actually did this with my 87 year old mother last weekend with my siblings. 

Since we are all being encouraged to stay home and use social distancing, many of us have not been able to visit those older family members whom we love the most. If you are not able to be with your mom (or even if you are) this is something you can do with her using the convenience of modern technology and she will be blessed by it. 

My three siblings, my wife and myself all got on a Zoom call with my Mom last Saturday night. We went around one by one (starting with the oldest to youngest) and shared words of encouragement and gratefulness for all the things Mom has done for us over the years and how much she is loved. She was truly overcome with emotion because many of us said things that we had thought over the years but the words had never been said. 

May you have a wonderful Mother’s Day. Share the love!

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