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Calling out to all dynamic Entrepreneurs, strategic Owners, inspiring CEOs and impactful Leaders,

I’m thrilled to present a game-changing challenge that could redefine your leadership style in April 2024. It’s time to light up the ordinary with the extraordinary and celebrate the unsung heroes in our teams.
Remember words by William Arthur Ward, “The mediocre leader tells. The good leader explains. The superior leader demonstrates. The great leader inspires.” Here’s a challenge to be that inspiring leader!

🚀 The Challenge: Spotlight the Extraordinary
This April, let’s focus on identifying the often overlooked gems within our teams – from a warm smile that makes a day, to unbeatable customer service, an act of teamwork, an excellent report, or the early risers and night owls. Your objective is to discover and acknowledge as many of these acts as possible.

✍️ The Method: Chronicle the Greatness
Your ever-present smartphone is your tool. Visit the text section, activate the microphone and record the details of each praiseworthy action – the team member’s name, the deed, and the time.

🥇 The Reward: Commend the Exceptional
The leader with the most chronicles of extraordinary actions at the end of the month bags our coveted “Dream Employee” process. Embark on a journey of discovering dreams, sharing them, and inspiring steps towards achieving them.

Let’s turn this April into a testament to the power of positivity. Ready to step up and spot the extraordinary within your team?

Cheers to positive changes,

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