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How many different tasks, decisions, meetings or things are YOU doing in your business that somebody else could do instead? Maybe it could be delegated to someone else in the company or it could be outsourced. I want you to look at one day in your calendar (or your to do list) and count up how many tasks or things you did that day. Now, I challenge you to see if half of those things could be done better and more effectively by somebody else! What I’m talking about here is the power of delegation.

I know one of the biggest things when I’m working with a lot of business owners is that they don’t have enough time. Everything is always a time crunch and pressure; they work more and get seemingly less done. They’re not making the progress they want to make. My thought about that after watching and coaching a lot of people is that they’re doing a lot of things that somebody else should be doing. As an owner or CEO, you have two or three things that really move the needle in your company that you provide and bring to the table. You need to figure out what those are and then you need to stay in that lane. Then look at everything else that you do — maybe it’s answering the phone, sending/responding to an email, or booking your own travel. Who else can do these tasks? Is there someone that this is their best ability? They could do this really well? Push those tasks out to those people so that you can elevate the two or three things that you’re great at, and then you will have the time to take your company to a new level.

So, what is your delegation number? What are the number of separate tasks that you’re doing a day that you could cut in half? That’s my challenge. Give me your number. Then my next challenge is for you to cut that number in half again by delegating. When you delegate, remember to be specific and clear about what you want done. Let the person or service you use know what you expect the result or outcome to be from this delegation.

If you want to increase your effectiveness, if you want to get greater results, you have to start thinking about all the things that you’ve taken on that are slowing you down. You’ve got to start thinking about how you can take those things off your plate so that you can be and do the things that you’re great at — and that’s usually only two or three things.

By delegating, you can get back control of your time. It’s getting in your lane so you can have a multiplier effect with those things that you are phenomenal at. It’s getting your business back on track to where you want to go. It’s all about changing your thinking about everything you do to ask the question, “Is there somebody else that can do this more effectively or better than I can?” And then let them start doing it instead of you.

So that’s my challenge to you today. Look at your day and see what you can delegate, and let’s see if we can’t cut that in half again. I think you’ll be amazed at the results and blown away by what will happen.

Reach out and give us the number of how many things you’re doing a day and then give us your number that you’re going to delegate.


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