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I have a different thought for you today which I’d like you to implement on a daily routine.  Ask yourself these two questions about your business:  “What’s right and what’s working well?”

The question of “what’s working well” can be related to today, this quarter or even this year. Then, what if you carried it a step further and as you are interacting with your employees or department heads ask them the same questions. What’s right in the company? What’s working well? Then LISTEN to what they have to say.

The next step to take this even further would be when you go out to meet some of your customers ask for their opinion too. What’s right? What’s working well?

We all know that customers are really good at telling us what isn’t working well and employees do the same. But, this changes the paradigm to ask how we can build and improve on what we are already doing a good job at.

Ask yourself and your employees how can we scale the company and deliver what’s right and what’s well to our customers in a greater way?

I think you’ll find this will change your company culture, and hopefully yourself. Instead of focusing on the problem, you are expanding on a solution and creating greater value by looking at the positive.

Go ahead and start using these questions today and see what happens. Let us know how it affects your employees and your customers, as well as changing your own thought process about how you view your company. 

For more information please schedule a free consultation. I’d love to learn more about your business and the company culture you have.

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