We are working with several companies right now and their number one challenge is onboarding or recruiting. They are trying to fill the empty spots that they have in their company and it’s becoming a huge issue. A client of ours was saying the other day that he has a candidate for a very important position. He met with him, they’ve done the interviews, and they know that this is the right person. But, the gentleman told him that he has two other offers and that he’s weighing, which is the best offer. The money’s about the same, the industries are the same and the company sizes are pretty equal. He said he didn’t know what else to do in order to get this guy to come to work for them and not one of their competitors. I asked him what he’d talked about. He said, he’d told him about how great the company was, the culture, that their company is like a family, and they’ve been in business a long time. This would be a great fit for him and he wouldn’t have to move.

But these are all the same things that every other company has been telling him. And so I said, why don’t we think about it from his point of view as a candidate that could really add a lot to your business? Why don’t you call him back in and once he’s sitting down, ask him these questions:

  • How could this position help you get what you want out of life?
  • What are your dreams, goals, aspirations?

Then spend a half hour talking about how your company can help him achieve those dreams, goals and aspirations.

And I said to him, if everything else is equal, but you’re actually talking about what he wants to do with his life, his personal dreams and goals for himself, his family, and find out what he wants out of life — once he sees that you care about that, you will have an unfair recruiting tactic that nobody else is using in your industry. Sure enough, that was the result. The guy came to work for him after they had that conversation.

If you’re also experiencing this zero unemployment environment, you need more people on your team, you’re finding recruiting much harder, and you’re finding that you have empty spots you’re recruiting to fill — try this approach and ask the recruits these questions. This will set you apart from your competition and enable you to get those key people into your company so that you can keep on the path of growth.

At Confidence Coach, we help business owners, CEOs, and entrepreneurs with the task of maximizing their greatest asset, which is their employees, their “first” customers. Part of doing this is you have to be a great recruiter, and part of being a great recruiter is not seeing it just from your side (the company’s side), but seeing it from the perspective of the potential candidate who could come in and help your company grow even further.

If this is helpful, please contact us or you can schedule a free catalytic conversation. Make it a great day!

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