The gratitude game is a way to continually be thankful, grateful and appreciate all that you are experiencing and that is going on in your life. 

I’d like to encourage you to be experiencing gratitude in all areas of your life, whether that’s in your personal life, business life, family life, friends, or with your faith. You can even go back to your childhood, think about your adult life or the many other areas of your life, but that’s what we’re talking about here today, 

My wife and I often practice the gratitude game on a long drive or a long flight (now that we are flying and traveling again). We also use it when we end the day or maybe when we are heading home from a workshop or coaching session. It helps us to gain a better perspective on all the amazing things that we’re thankful and grateful for. We note all the things that we can appreciate during a day, during a workshop, during a coaching session, with our family, with our children, with our friends, whether we are traveling or at home.

It’s a great way to end a trip or event too. Instead of saying “Oh, my gosh, we’ve got to go home now” or “I’m so sad this is over.” Turn that around and focus on the positive. Talk about the things that went right and celebrate the positive experiences that happened during that time, day or season. 

This is what we call the gratitude game and we play it spontaneously all the time!

We encourage you and challenge you to do the same. Play the gratitude game and see how it changes your perspective, your feelings, your emotions, your energy and your life.

At Confidence Coach we offer business owners a place to reconnect and rebuild their confidence; which leads to their better future in the days and years ahead. Reach out today and schedule a free call if you’d like to talk. What are you grateful for today? 

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