We have been using what we call “The 5 Minute Miracle” as we’ve been working with clients to help them make progress on their goals.

The idea is that you need deadlines. You also need a short amount of time to stretch yourself to see how much you can get done in a short period of time.

What we do is we gather the team together and have them clarify what the goal is that they’re working towards — their biggest goal. We ask them to write down what they think they can potentially get done in 5 minutes to make progress or create momentum towards their goal (maybe write down 3 things). These are things they could get done in a 5 minute span towards the goal. They write the goal out and then write the items below it of what they think they can do in that 5 minutes.

Then, we set a timer, and they get to work to see what they can do in 5 minutes to complete their list!

We’ve just been doing this for a couple of weeks. We had a team the other day that between all of the people on the team they were able to accomplish 13 things in 5 minutes. That’s 13 baby steps towards their major goal in 5 minutes. They literally got more done in five minutes than they had gotten done in the last week towards this big goal for their company..

It’s interesting how much you can get done towards the progress of reaching your goal simply by:

  • compressing time;
  • being focused;
  • forcing yourself to think in small enough increments; and
  • breaking things down.

So that’s why we call this “The 5 Minute Miracle.” It’s  amazing what it will do for you.

If you’re interested in getting the worksheet or talking to us and having us take you or your company through this, just let us know. We’d be glad to do that. You can set up a time for us to work with you either virtually or in person. Glad we could pass on this little thought today of how you move forward in achieving your goals in just 5 minutes.

Make it a great day!

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