Quinn Neely Co-Founder Kijani Forestry, Gulu, Uganda

I run a forestry company called Kijani Forestry. We have nearly 700 employees at this point. We’re working across Northern Uganda, we’re working with the UN, with the national government, and we’re one of the largest tree planting organizations in the world. And Scott’s been there through that entire journey and he’s provided incredible counsel, incredible support.

I’ve been able to really rely on him as a barometer for making sure that I was staying true to my vision. And I think there’s been times when, you know, honestly, like I’ve wanted to throw in the towel and Scott’s been there just reminding me of what is my vision? What do I hope to achieve by doing this? And like, what is the point of this business? What is the goal of this? But more like what is the point?

I can’t recommend more highly that anyone that has the opportunity to talk to Scott and to work with Scott should like, it’s a no brainer. Just, Scott is incredible and he’s just so uniquely gifted in what he does, and he just brings so much value. As a business owner, he brings so much value. As a father, he’s brought so much value. As a husband, he’s brought so much value into my life and I’m just so incredibly grateful for him.

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