Nick de Partee

I’m overdue when it comes to pausing to show some gratitude, so I wanted to take a quick minute to give my longtime business and life coach Scott Ballard a shoutout.

Scott started working with me way back in the day. I’m talking about WAY back. Pretty sure my first question to him, as I was coming off the road as a professional touring musician to officially start my design business, was “do I need a business license?” ha!

First of all, the answer was yes. haha. But man, Scott didn’t even flinch at my ignorance, he simply showed up. And he kept showing up for years. He helped me learn how to work ON my business and not just IN it. He helped me understand that even though I doubt myself every day, that I have strengths, and my own superpowers, that make me uniquely me, and that was invaluable.

He then helped me 10x my design business and gave me foundational tools that continue to serve me to this day as a designer and as Co-Founder of AVVAY.

Just saying, if any of you are on the hunt for that outside brain to help you make sense of your entrepreneurial chaos. Or you just need a little fuel to keep pushing forward. Shoot Scott a message.

Thanks for all you’ve done for me, Scott!