Máirtín Óg Mc Donagh

Through a mutual acquaintance I connected with Scott Ballard the Author/Speaker and Confidence Coach.

I am a Qualified accredited Life Coach myself.

Having been very successful in the past in Business/Sport and my Personal Life.

I was struggling with my identity in the last 12/13 years especially. I have experienced pain and huge loss both professionally and personally, as well as health issues. I have struggled to move forward in any meaningful way.

My sessions with Scott have been – Powerful & Hugely Transformative.

We did some really DEEP WORK together.

Scott managed to get me to look deep within myself to find answers to the very powerful questions he asked. To be honest it was very uncomfortable and hurt a great deal to go so deep to that place……..

We never go there as human beings. It takes great skill to get any individual to strip back the layers we have built up as protection over the years. Scott was patient with me, yet with the PRECISION of an expert surgeon, was able to get me to get to the roots of my own being.

Together we have created great TRANSFORMATION for me in my Life.

I can now see clearly where and why I have been stuck and with that comes a plan to grow and progress and move forward.

In my storey – I SHALL BE FOREVER GRATEFUL for meeting Scott Ballard as I continue on my Path.