Jason Hooley

Meeting Scott and Orlena Ballard is a milestone in my professional, personal, and family life. From building a real estate business, to exploring my own dreams and potential, to improving my marriage, Scott’s coaching has been a God-send, literally. Scott draws from successful business development, diverse experience with ultra-high achievers, a humble spirit, and deep faith – to provide a world-class blend of business acumen and supernatural discernment.

As a newcomer in the real estate industry, I already had success but did not understand how to grow or scale.  With some practical business expertise and a deep dive into my own thought-life, Scott helped me learn that being a top-performer is not
enough – that my dreams and potential were different or larger.  He changes gears between line-in-the-sand fire and brimstone versus gently building up confidence based on God’s promises, faithfulness, and gifts. Now, having been taught his framework, I am comfortable with, and excited about, the challenges of the unknown – focused on the right business questions to ask and knowing Him who has all the solutions I’ll ever need.

It’s difficult to measure the payoff from coaching, which is expensive. Having been mentored by Scott and Orlena for over a year, it’s worth every penny. The learning that has begun will be a lifetime journey and will be foundational to my legacy. Some sessions begin with a structured set of questions; others are more free-flowing and spontaneous, but the result is the same each time – actionable strategy based on deep insight.  This coming year has big plans – team building in three additional markets, and I am thankful for Scott’s coaching on that journey.

Jason Hooley CB&A, Realtors