Ed Kuyper, CEO, Reytek

I began working with Scott when I recognized the need to strengthen my entrepreneurial mindset. After spending 30 years in corporate engineering roles, which was undoubtedly rewarding and a source of immense pride, I found myself yearning for more fulfillment in my professional life. I made the bold decision to take a voluntary package and step away from my long-standing position at Intel, betting on myself and my potential for growth. It was a crucial step in my journey, especially after making significant progress in improving my mental and physical health. However, as I traveled the path of betting on myself I realized I didn’t have everything I needed for the journey.

I struggled on making the full commitment with Scott. My initial meetings with him were powerful and insightful, but I have the full financial responsibilities of my family and a personal financial burn rate to consider. In the end it came down to a decision of how committed I was to getting what I wanted vs. the fear of failure. Much of my personal growth was based on choosing abundance over scarcity in all aspects of my life and this was a true test of the abundance mindset so I took it.

Now, at the halfway point of our collaboration, I’ve come a long way in developing the specific type of confidence I need and strengthening the mental discipline essential for success in the entrepreneurial world. I have refined the unique talent and experience I have into a specific value proposition. This provides me with the ability to filter and focus on my clients, partners and opportunities so I can make true sustainable progress.

In 6 months I have gone from conversations and proposals with potential clients that all led to dead ends, to filtered and focused paying clients. I have shifted from struggling to start to make money to choosing from multiple opportunities and we are only half way through. If you are considering working with Scott and want to reach out, my LinkedIn door is always open.