I just wanted to throw something out to you today that we’ve been using as a challenge to our clients, business owners, and leaders that we’re working with. All of them are struggling to get on the same page with their employees. They can’t seem to get everyone in alignment with where they are trying to take the company. And so, I had a crazy idea for one of our clients and I said, “Well, maybe the reason why there’s a disconnect between where you want to go, what they’re doing and them not understanding you, is they don’t know what it’s like to be the owner.”

So I told him, here’s my challenge to you — take some of your people and make them an owner for a day! I challenged him to literally take an employee with him and have them shadow him through an entire day. Show them every process that he worked through, the decisions he had to make, the meetings he attended, and even the fires he had to put out! I challenged him to show the employee all the different hats he had to wear.

Guess what happened after he did this?

He had a huge “aha” moment. He realized that he had not been communicating as well as he thought he had about what he was doing, where the company was going, and what the business was all about. He didn’t realize this until after he had this person by his side all day long! He could tell by the questions that they were asking that there was definitely a disconnect on his part. He had not thoroughly and repeatedly communicated why they were doing what they were doing, how things needed to be done, and the importance of all these things to the employee’s future, as well as the company’s future.

So, my challenge to you is this:  if there is (someone or) something you’re struggling with, bring your employee along and allow them to be “an owner for a day” or maybe “CEO for a day”. Give them a chance to be transformed and have a better understanding by giving them the opportunity of seeing things through your eyes — the eyes of the owner. I think this will also help you realize the importance of clear communication on your part. Your people need to know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and how things really work in the company. This will improve your team and help them be more fully engaged.

I hope you take up the challenge of having an employee be an owner for a day. As you do this, please share your results with us and let us know what you learned through this experience. You can always reach out to us and schedule a catalytic conversation if you need more clarification on this activity. You can also find out more about us at confidencecoach.org and we’d love it if you would subscribe to our YouTube channel.


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