I just wanted to tell you that it’s gonna be okay! Part of my belief in that is a matter of perspective. We may not return to our original normal but we will have a new normal. 

Here are some questions to get you thinking and to check where your perspective is: 

  • Is what you’re thinking about leading you to peace, life and a better future? 
  • Or is your thinking leading you to more doubt, more fear, and more uncertainty?
  • What did you learn during this season that you want to keep doing in your business?
  • What did you learn that you are going to omit or get rid of? 

You need to be aware of what you are thinking, watching and talking about. You get to choose your perspective of how and what you think about.

There’s a story about two salesmen who went to Africa a hundred years ago. When the first one arrived on the continent, he sent back a telegram to the home office. “Coming home on next ship. No one here wears shoes.”

When the second salesman arrived on the continent, he also sent a telegram to his home office. “Send all the inventory you can. No one here wears shoes. Huge market!” 

You and I get to choose what we think about and where we place our focus. 

Choose well! You usually get what you see. It’s all a matter of perspective. 

At Confidence Coach we offer business owners a place to reconnect and rebuild their confidence; which leads to their better future in the days and years ahead. Reach out today and schedule a free call if you’d like to talk. We are here to help and encourage you.

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