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Recently, we were working with a client who was struggling in their business. They invited us in to do some team coaching and see if we could help them out — and it didn’t take long for us to spot the problem. After spending a morning with their team, at lunch I pulled the owner aside and told him, “You’ve hired 20 of yourself. These people all think like you, have the same skills you have, have the same perspectives you have, and see the business in the same way you do. You have a Perspective Gap in your company. By not having another perspective, you’re missing out on discovering what the customer’s experience is and how the product is being used. What other opportunities could you be missing out on? Is there a better, faster way to do this? What does the future look like?” I stopped to check in on him, and he had the look of a deer in the headlights.

“I never saw it that way,” he said, “but it’s true. That’s a pretty big blind spot.” We put together a plan for him, and are now helping him get some other perspectives; he’s erasing his blind spot as we speak.

What about you? Do you have a blind spot in your business? Do you have varied perspectives on your team? Contact us today for a free coaching session if you want some outside eyes to help you out. It’s what we do.

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