The Employee Maximizer

You’re probably thinking having employees shouldn’t be this hard!

Are you fearful that you’re going to lose your best employees?  Are you uncertain about what they are thinking or what their motivation currently is? Or maybe, you’re frustrated with your employees’ performance, attitude and motivation in their job.

As a business owner with employees, I’ve been there before and feel your frustration and uncertainty having had hundreds of employees in my own business, not knowing where to turn or how to think my way out of this problem, stress, fear, and worry.

We have a unique solution for you. We are different because through our 3 Step Process around what your employees are thinking, how they are currently working and honestly knowing why they came to work today, we unlock the information that you need in order to retain and increase employee engagement in your company.


The 3 Step Process of thinking, working and knowing is:

  1. The Survey SolutionTM provides confidential, third party honest feedback by your employees on their experience at work, with their supervisor, how they feel about your company, how they view their co-workers, how they feel about your customers.
  2. The Natural Way you work – We have your employees take an assessment that reveals how they work best. This is the only conative test of its kind in the world that shows how each employee naturally goes about working in the most effective natural way.
  3. The Dream EmployeeTM – A process of simply structured conversations with an employee about their personal dreams and goals and how their job is a vehicle to help them achieve some of these.

We will take all the risk – We will deliver Step #1 of our process (The Survey SolutionTM) before you pay anything. If you’re ready to keep going and like the value we’ve created for you, we will then charge your credit card $975.

Think about this:

  • In 2019 can you afford to lose 30% of your work force?
  • Do you want to experience another ground hog’s day with your employees in 2019: bad attitude, customer complaints, lost revenue, losing key employees, poor team work, more time, hiring, or training.

We provide you a free Survey Solution so that you will have the information of what your employees are thinking about the company, their supervisor, their job, their co-workers and your customers.

To get your free Survey Solution, SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT NOW at


  • You no longer have to wake up in the middle of the night wondering who is quitting or sabotaging your company with a bad attitude, poor work quality, lack of motivation.
  • Now you will know how to best use your employees’ thinking, working and internal motivation to create the greatest results for your company.
  • Saving hundreds of thousands of dollars on hiring/training.
  • Better team work and collaboration between co-workers which leads to more profit in your company.
  • More time and money for you (the owner) from your company.


If you don’t do this, you’re going to lose sleep, lose your best employees, lose your customers, lose your business and go bankrupt.

Let us help you have the advantage that this information will provide to lead, create and profit from great employee engagement. SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT NOW TO START YOUR SURVEY SOLUTION

This is what some of our clients are saying:

“Scott has been instrumental in helping the leadership of our Branch better understand what motivates and what is most important to our employees. Scott has been instrumental as we manage our growth and plan our future success.” – Paul Dawson – Area Manager, Portland BBSI

“Scott took the pulse of the company and helped us revamp our supervisor and evaluation systems. Office morale has improved.” – John Tapogna – President ECONorthwest

“My team and I attended one of his retreats, and we are still pumped! We have a clear plan for how we’re approaching this year and have already started to execute.” – Phil Sherwood – Founder and President of SherWare, Inc.

“Scott ‘instantly’ understands the struggles facing owners and entrepreneurs, his straightforward and warm approach makes it easy to communicate openly about successes and obstacles.” – Janey Greenlees – Owner of AnchorPointe

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