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Scott Ballard

Through his experience in his own business and life, Scott had the impact of finding a Coach that guided his company from the brink of disaster to an amazing comeback, and from uncertainty, to the most amazing transformation that he could have hoped for. As a result of his lifetime of learning, he now gets to guide people through the process of achieving their goals and dreams for themselves and their business.

Seek a Guide for What You Don’t Know

Have you ever been in a place where you needed to seek a guide for what you didn’t know?  I was a partner in a firm some 10 years ago. We’d been in business 15 years, had done very well and been very successful. Then we started hitting many roadblocks and having many challenges, both within our industry and within our business team. We were running really close to the brink of disaster and losing the whole business after some 15 years.


Three Life Lessons We Can Learn From Trouble As Our Teacher

One thing we can be assured of is your life will be full of trouble. What I want to bring to you is a different perspective of viewing trouble and help you use trouble to grow, mature and make your life better through this process.